First-generation college student


-State: WI
-Rising Senior
-Attending a Catholic, all-girls school
-Income: $48,000, and I have 4, I need financial aid...badly...
-First in family to go to college
-Plan to go into engineering or computers</p>

-GPA: 3.977 un-weighted
-ACT: 33 (E: 34; M: 34; R: 32; S: 32)
-SAT: 740 CR, 690 M, 670 W (will retake in October, since I only took it once)
-Subject tests: Chemistry 790; US history 760; Math II 710 (Should I retake?)
Sophomore year: AP American Gov, 5
Junior year: APUSH, 5; AP Chem, 5; AP Pyschology, 5
Senior year (planned APs): AP Computer Science; AP Calc BC; AP English Lit; AP Stats; AP Physics C: Mech; AP Physics C: E+M
-On the Honors Math, Honors Science, and Honors Social Studies track--though I'm sort of dropping out of the Honors Social Studies track next year because I'm not interested in taking AP Euro.</p>

-Friends of Islam Club, event coordinator--all 4 years
-Policies and Practices Commission of Student Congress--Junior/Senior year
-NHS President for Senior Year (I'm developing the tutoring program)
-Worked with a few other members from my Student Congress commission to research the disconnect between what high schools teach and what employers want by interviewing senior leaders of organizations/businesses in our area. We're now using the research to improve our school's curriculum and other programs.
-Volunteer monthly at a soup kitchen (it sounds pathetic in terms of volunteer work, but I actually love doing it, even if I don't do it too often)</p>

-National Science League: Biology Contest—Top 10 at my HS (May 2008)
-National Science League: Chemistry Contest—Top 10 at my HS (May 2009)
-Le Grand Concours National French Test—7th in WI (May 2009)
-United States Achievement Academy Award (May 2010)
-Le Grand Concours National French Test—10th in WI (May 2010)
-Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award (May 2010)</p>

<p>Chance for:
-Wash U
-U of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign

<p>aim higher</p>

<p>your grades and test scores are mediocre, no substantial awards, and ec's are but decent. MIT and Northwestern are extreme longshots while the others might work.</p>

<p>xlarax--you think? Suggestions?

<p>Other thoughts?</p>

<p>You have very solid stats, I think. You should consider another reach or two (after M.I.T. -- plus, for M.I.T. you'll probably need stronger Math scores on both the SAT & SAT II), possibly an Ivy. They give very good aid, and possibly all of it could be covered.</p>

<p>i don't know what johndoe is talking about. last time i checked 3.977 is basically a 4.0. Also you have two state awards and several high school awards, so i think he's crazy. I think you have a good shot at northwestern, and the other schools (besides MIT since its hard for everyone).</p>

<p>Really? Thanks, everyone. I have a friend who took a lot of AP classes and had a very good GPA who applied to only top-tier schools and was rejected from almost all of them, so I guess I was a little hesitant about applying to too many top schools.</p>

<p>Does anyone have particular suggestions for a good reach? Stanford? UC-Berkeley?</p>

<p>If you need aid I wouldn't suggest the UC systems since they don't give out that much aid to OOS students.</p>