First Generation vs First Generation US


<p>I was searching the threads and could not find the answer to this specific question. Both my parents came to college in the US but attended college back in their home country. I would be the first generation to go to the college in the US. Would this count at all toward 'first generation' status or act as any sort of hook?</p>

<p>Your parents went to college. You are not a first generation college student.</p>

<p>Your parents are immigrants. You are either an immigrant yourself, or the first generation born here.</p>

<p>If you were a first generation college student, it would be attractive to some institutions.</p>

<p>As an immigrant/1st gen citizen, you are attractive to some institutions - especially those with very homogeneous student populations. But you can't consider it a "hook" because it won't get you admitted anywhere that you aren't otherwise qualified for. At best it could be a "bonus point" that might get you in instead of wait-listed.</p>