First Job Interview...Tips/Pointers? :)

<p>so, this friday i'll be interviewing for hollister in the mall. i'm kind of even more nervous than i even would be, because apparently it's going to be a group interview, with like 1 or 2 other people. & i feel like i'm under-qualified because i've never had an actual paying-job, just lots of volunteer stuff & stuff. should i bring a resume? should i mention that this would only be for the summer? how do i stand out among the other applicants? another concern of should i dress? i realized that i don't actually have any clothes from hollister...bad? should i dress in clothes that might resemble their stuff [jeans, plain t-shirt]? i know i have a lot of questions, but i'm nervous that other 18-year-old may have already had so much more experience than i have had in the working world. thanks in advance for any help!</p>


<p>Are you thin and attractive?</p>

<p>COME ON, really?</p>

<p>be charismatic, highlight your good points, sugarcoat your bad, emphasize why you want to work THERE specifically.</p>

<p>Yes, really. I know several people who work at Abercrombie/Hollister, and that is a serious criterion for working there.</p>

<p>Well first things first, you have to be Caucasian, a 6-pack if male or big boobs/hourglass/nice butt if female. do not bother if you are Asian BTW they are extremely racist to them.</p>

<p>guys, come on, lol. i am white & attractive, but not exactly skinny. but it's not like they can just blatantly NOT hire you because of that. plus, this asian girl in my grade works there...sure she's a huge arrogant bi**h, who practically think she's white, anyways...but, STILL. lol.</p>


<p>2 weeks ago I went to holister and there was an Asian working there. There are many 'types' of asian girls.</p>

<p>Of course, you have to look like you belong in the store naturally. You are the face of that store. Basically you have to be hot.</p>

<p>haha, i guess we'll see, then...</p>

<p>I haaate/am apathetic about Hollister and only go in there the one time a year when I have to go birthday shopping for my cousin, but, I do realize now, all the lads and lassies there are fairly attractive. So that, and having excellent interpersonal skills.</p>

<p>I'd step it up a bit from jeans and a t-shirt unless they were from the store. If you must do jeans, do something quality, dark wash, no holes. I'm imagining a brown belt and one of those flannel plaid button down shirts, this one being mostly green in my head, though any color would do. Shirt is sightly open with a white or cream camisole/tank. Something like [url=<a href=""&gt;]this[/url&lt;/a&gt;]. I've seen stuff like that in the guys' section there, so I guess they have similar stuff in the girls', and depending on quality, it can be very appropriate for interview.</p>

<p>i mean, i don't normally shop there, either. i have like one tank-top from there that i bought with a gift-card 2 years ago, aha. i just feel like it would be a fun place to work/interesting experience.</p>

<p>millancad, i would, but i don't have a shirt like that : /</p>

<p>i wonder if leggings with a long tank-top or dress-type-of-thing would work.......even though they don't sell things exactly like that, there...</p>

<p>^ you're a girl? lol thought you were a guy</p>

<p>try & dress like the mannequins at Forever21</p>

<p>i actually have a lot of forever 21 stuff. but, that's not exactly the same as hollister stuff...</p>

<p>^^^Shirt dresses can be risky. As long as it's of modest length (and "modest" means different things at college and Hollister interviews, I think, but still) and your leggings don't become pants, you're cool. Like, just don't wear leggings as pants. They only look moderately okay on those few girls who have no inner thighs, and even then.</p>

<p>On your not having a shirt like that: Interviews=perfect excuse to have your parents lend you the credit card ;).</p>

<p>haha, true, but the interview is tomorrow. i actually had the thought to pop in, buy something, change in the bathroom, & go back for my interview...but, no...lmao.</p>

<p>but, maybe something with a general beach-y vibe would work?</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>that top actually may be be a little too sweet for me...i already look kind of sweet so ima have to vamp it up a little : )
haha, no...really, though, i won't have time to buy a new outfit, tomorrow :P</p>

<p>Tell us some options you have, and we'll mix and match you something awesome.</p>