First one...sorry it had to be a chances post

<p>Heya people. Just need your help to evaluate my stats if its not too much. I'm an international applying to Carleton and here are my stats:</p>

<p>SAT: 1300 (630V, 670M)
TOEFL: 640 (paper-based)
GPA: 2.8
Rank: Top 10% of about 240</p>

<p>Other info:
- Asst. Head Prefect
- President of English Language Society
- President of Cyber Club
- Chief Editor of School Magazine
- Parliamentary Debate - State Runners-up
- SPM (Malaysian equivalent of GCSE O-levels) Excellence Award - 8As & 1B
- School Academic Excellence Award (Thrice)
- Commonwealth Essay Competition - Commendation (Twice)
- Participant in National Physics Olympiad
- LaSallian Youth Leaders Convention 2003 - Participant
- Lots more (secretary, treasurer, etc. of various clubs, participant in various events) but I'm not listing them in the app because I don't want to be seen as padding.</p>

- Part time clerk at Teachers' Union
- Powerpoint Show creator</p>

<p>I'm also applying to Grinnell and Trinity C, btw. I know my weak point would be my GPA, but any comments on other aspects would also be appreciated. Also, my school is in a small town with limited opportunities for research and stuff. Any idea how I should explain this to the admissions folks?</p>


<p>how are you top 10% with a 2.8</p>

<p>Someone asked the same thing in the chances forum so I'm gonna post the exact same reply here:</p>

<p>I'm currently studying for my STPMs (Malaysian version of A-levels) and I can tell you it's very hard. In fact, the top guy in my class just managed a 3.2 (out of 4.0), so a 2.8 puts me firmly in the top 15% of my class of about 60 people. </p>

<p>But my counselor reckons that my STPM rank doesn't really reflect my real standing, since most of the 240 students from my SPM (Malaysian version of O-levels) class quit school after their SPMs and a number of students came in from other schools to fill the 60 or so available places in the STPM class. My counselor therefore thought I should be compared with my SPM class (the old guys) since I've been with them for five years instead of the students in my STPM class (the new guys). So that's where the top 10% came from.</p>

<p>I hope my explanation isn't too confusing or something...if it doesn't make sense please tell me.</p>