First one!! yay! chances?

<p>Just wondering..this is a bit general, but if Ihave an SAT around 1330, and SAT II's in the 690's, and gpa of around 3.9, would i have a shot here?</p>

<p>Your GPA is good, but your SAT is at the very low end of Columbia students. You'll need to beef it up with good extracurriculars, a great essay...etc...otherwise you'll end up at some dump like Penn ;-)</p>

<p>(I go to Penn. Ain't no shame.)</p>

<p>haha penn, what a disgrace</p>

<p>(wharton '09er hopefully, ED)</p>

<p>Penn's motto: "Hey, at least we're not Cornell" </p>

<p>ooo I'm a dick</p>

<p>Are you for CC or SEAS?</p>

<p>just the regular college.</p>

<p>I think the GPA/SAT scores are a little low. ( of course not in reality, but in the world that is ivy league)..but thats not the only thing that decides whether or not you get in.</p>