First Post: Grades and ECs

<p>How important are ECs for HMC? </p>

<p>I have pretty good numbers so far... I haven't taken any standardized tests yet besides the PSAT this morning. Right now I have a 4.0 GPA and I'm taking APs and community college classes. I'm getting a job soon and I'll be pretty busy with everything then.</p>

<p>OK just wondering! </p>

<p>:) </p>

<p>-Prospective Mother... err, Mudder* ;)</p>


<p>Secondary School Record, Very Important
Class Rank, Very Important
Recommendation(s), Very Important
Standardized Test Scores, Very Important
Essay, Very Important</p>


<p>Interview, Important
Extracurricular Activities, Important
Talent and ability, Important
Character/personal Qualities, Very Important
Alumni/ae Relation, Important
Geographical Residence, Considered
State Residence, Not Considered
Religious Affiliation/commitment, Not Considered
Minority Affiliation, Important
Volunteer Work, Considered
Work Experience, Considered</p>

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<p>Ah thanks!</p>