First semester grade problem!

<p>Hi! I wasn't really sure where to put this thread but I was hoping some of you may have some advice. My brother is a freshman at Syracuse and is getting all of his final grades this week. He received an F in one of his classes and it is most definitely a mistake! There were many quizzes in this class and he received A's and B's on most all of them. He got an A on his midterm. The only problem may be his final paper, which he handed directly to the professor. He did not get his grade back for the paper so it is possible that the professor may have misplaced it? He emailed the professor and has not received a response
What should we do? Even with a zero on the final paper it is not possible that he deserves an F.
Thanks in advance for the responses!</p>

<p>Contact the professor. Email and call, and ask what happened with the grade. Ask to see a breakdown of how the grade was calculated to see where things got messy. </p>

<p>If you don't get anywhere with that, contact the department head or dean of students. Hopefully you have something with the test and quiz scores to back you up.</p>

<p>Hopefully it's just a screwy typo and the prof will fix it. Best of luck, I hope it gets fixed.</p>

<p>Definitely email the professor again. Just say something like "I saw that my grade was an F, but I got A's and B's on almost all of the assignments. Was my final paper that bad? I'm rather surprised by this because I thought I was doing well in the class."</p>

<p>If that fails, go talk to someone in person. Ideally the professor himself, but failing that then the department head or your advisor. This kind of thing happens, but if you ask politely it usually gets fixed promptly, or at least explained if you somehow really did fail. Definitely don't accept the F until you find out exactly how your score broke down.</p>

<p>Okay, he'll send another email. YonderMountain, we'll use exactly what you said, it sounds perfect. Hopefully that will sort things out. Thank you both!</p>