First semester schedule ?

I’ve finally decided on a schedule for my first semester!

BSC2011/L - Bio II w/ Lab
CHM2046/L - Chm II w/ Lab
MAC2311 - Calculus I
SLS1102 - First Year Florida

Do you guys think this is doable for my first semester? Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

This schedule is very unrealistic. Bio, Chem, and Calc are difficult classes with heavy workloads. I would suggest dropping either Bio or Chem and instead taking an easier gen ed. Don’t try to do too much at once, spread out you’re difficult classes and pad your schedule with easier gen eds. You want to make sure you have time for a social life and involvement.

I disagree. How is this schedule very unrealistic? It really depends on how hard working you are and how well you will do in these subjects. Last year in my spring semester I took a programming class, differential equations, physics 2, chem 2, and good life. My advisers and everyone was telling me physics 2, chem 2 and differential equations together would be really difficult. I made straight A’s and to be honest it was not that bad and I had plenty of time for a social life and everything. I just have a strong background in math and science. It looks like you may have taken AP or IB courses in bio and chem since you are skipping chem and bio 1. If that is true I can tell you chem 2 should not be that hard (i am not sure about bio 2 but I would assume it wouldn’t be bad if you already learned the material in high school). If you are confident that you can do well in these classes I think you will be fine.

If you are confident enough to take the classes all at once, do it! It’ll take some work but with enough studying and time you’ll do fine. Personally, I am making sure to spread out my difficult classes (such as calculus, bio, and chem) so that I have some easier classes to pair with them. It may be difficult, but I’m sure it’s doable.

What are you majoring in?

yes, I already have credit for Bio 1, and chem 1. Plus all of my gen ed classes are also finished through DE. Based off the other freshman schedules that I’ve seen, I kinda think this schedule is doable, with hard work of course :). Who knows, I may end up changing it a bit at my preview session next week.

Also, im majoring in Biomedical Engineering, and im doing the premed track. Thanks you guys so much for your input, i appreciate it!

Have fun at Preview! Make sure to have back ups for your classes because I had to pick up to my 5th and 6th backup as a class. Judging by your course load you may not need to, but the Preview staffers will enforce you to do so anyway. Biomedical engineering sounds great! I’m majoring in health science on the pre-professional track!

I’m assuming, if you’ve already got credit for a bunch of gen eds (including chem and bio 1), that you’re a solid student who is into math and science. If this is the case, I don’t think your schedule will be a problem for you.

I was in a similar situation coming into UF and every person at preview tried to talk me out of taking the classes I wanted (especially calc3), but it ended up being no problem and I got a 4.0 that semester. Remember, people at preview are there to help you but ultimately you can do whatever you want (welcome to college)! So don’t let them change your mind and take exactly what you want to take. PS: if after preview you change your mind you can always switch classes during drop/add at the start of the semester.

I wouldn’t recommend First Year Florida. I’ve only heard bad things about it.

Yeah i heard the same thing, unfortunately I have to take First Year Florida as part of a scholarship 8-|

I’m currently taking First Year Florida for my summer B term and it is really easy. The class isn’t too bad, it’s helpful because we learn about things that are offered on campus and fun things to do in your spare time. Seeing that you’ll be taking it during the fall, the class will probably be super easy. It’ll be helpful for you since it’ll balance out the other 3 classes you’re taking!