First semester screwup

<p>Due to circumstances completely in my control, I ended up with a very unfortunate 2.7 GPA as a first semester premed, with a notable C in general chem and B- in lab. In honesty I know that if I apply myself I can bring that into the upper 3s, but seeing as senior year doesn't count toward AMCAS (that is, only my first six semesters will matter) the very highest GPA I can now attain is a truncated 3.7, or a rounded off 3.8. Basically I have dug myself into a deep hole in only the first half my freshman year. How possible is recovery from such an undesirable first semester?</p>

How possible is recovery from such an undesirable first semester?


<p>It's possible. But in depends on many factors. Some students are just not ready for college (for a number of reasons). If this was your problem then you can fix it. You must also make sure that you learned enough gen chem I to have a good chance of doing well in part II. Use all of the resources of your college from the very start. (such as tutoring, office hours, counseling, etc.)</p>

<p>Best of luck.</p>

<p>You may also want to consider applying to medical school after graduation so that you have plenty of time for your GPA to recover.</p>

<p>Although even if I do so, my first semester's performance will still be there for schools to see.</p>

<p>Yes, but you will (hopefully) have 7 semesters of strong grades for them to see as proof of improvement.</p>