First semester trans.

<p>hello all, I have now been in college for almost two months and am starting to consider transferring. During the selection process last year I was so excited to get out of the New York city environment and overlooked many local schools. Now in the a completely different area I have been exposed to new perspectives and different ways of life. Knowing that I want a future career in NYC, the thought of going back home is constantly in my mind. Cutting to the chase, I'm just wondering what the general opinion is about transferring out after the first semester.
How does Fordham university consider transfer students?
And how does Fordham University know my first semester grades if all paper work has to be in by Dec. 1st? (does this mean they make the decision without knowing them?)
Thanks in Advance for any comments.</p>

<p>Im applying as a first semester transfer too and the schools im applying to told me that it will all be based on my hs performance and sat. I only need to send my college transcripts if im accepted.</p>

<p>I believe that for transfer applicants, schools that want to see current semester grades may hold off on notification of decisions for that particular applicant. Call Fordham and ask how that works. Try calling the other schools you are applying to as well to find out the same information.</p>