first semester workload?

<p>i'm going to begin my first semester at SU this fall and as of now, my first semester consists of 18 credits. 2 of my classes are lab courses. </p>

<p>so my question is, does that sound like i'm taking on too much for my 1st semester since i'll be adjusting to college?</p>

<p> would you compare yourself to average su students? smart? did you get a scholarship? which one?</p>

<p>well during high school i took a lot of ap classes every year and i'm pretty used to taking on a lot of classes, but then again, that was high school and it's probably different.</p>

<p>i had a 3.8 gpa in hs so i would say i'm above average. i'd categorize myself as pretty studious, i guess.</p>

<p>what are you majoring in? I'm also taking 18 credits, not including language...</p>

<p>I took 18 cr. last spring and I still got 3.6. Anyway, you could take 5 classes (excluding labs) and see you could handle it or not, because you have 10 weeks to drop the class which you don't do well.</p>