First Thread Baby!!!

<p>All right, lets all apply to Harvard!</p>

<p>already did.</p>

<p>As did I. :)</p>

<p>'Kay, Done. Interview next Wednesday.</p>

<p>good luck to everybody!</p>

<p>submitted the common app already but not the supplement. interview later today (lol)</p>

<p>Hey I got a question. Is it okay if I submit the common app later than dec.1? They said to submit it by dec.1 but then they also said it's okay as long as i submit it before jan.1 :S And when are you supposed to call them for interview?</p>

<p>They (call)/email for interview after you've submitted your application.</p>

<p>application submitted. i hope i get in</p>

<p>Hey, does anyone know when we actually find out our fate? I've heard that decisions come out on March 31s, but I'm not sure. I guess we'll get more definite details in the coming months, right?</p>

<p>march or april or something. i think we have to reply by may 1 (possibly)</p>

<p>got in EA Stanford, where else have ppl applied EA and heard from</p>

<p>deferred EA from yale</p>

<p>got in ea to georgetown and cua</p>

<p>Feeling really nervous! My cousin sister got into Columbia last year and my cousin brother got into MIT(The nerd wanted to pursue nanotechnology!***?)</p>

<p>I applied to Harvard. Sent my Common App and Supplement long time back. Applied for financial aid too. </p>

<p>I have a doubt about the midyear though. I sent the midyear form. But my midyear transcript is not available. The most important result of my high school final year will be my public examination since I am in the Indian CBSE Board. So , will this be a problem?</p>


<p>deffereed from yale
i also applied to harvard i wish good luck to alll of us</p>

<p>You guys can join the "Harvard Class of 2012" Facebook group when you get in!!! :D</p>

<p>Hahaha. I wish i was athletic so that i would have been recruited</p>

<p>haha @ spooned </p>

<p>thats funny because i'm an athlete but i screwed it up. i told the coach i didn't want to go but ended up applying anyway because of the financial aid thingy. i called him though and he sounded happy that i was applying; he said he'd do what he can but ehh i dunno. I'm hoping though lol.</p>

<p>Like all of you I am merely waiting.</p>