First time applying to college, didn't do it in highschool, help me choose?

<p>So the title pretty much says it all, I have no clue where to apply other than Rutgers (I'm at CC in NJ). </p>

<p>High school GPA was ugly, I mean like 2 something ugly, changed things up my senior year.</p>

<p>-My college GPA is a 3.64, 50 some what odd credits, graduating in the spring. My class rigor was also decent, I took various honors classes and a few 200 level ones here and there.
-I work full time as a keyholder and merchandiser in a retail store.
-I'm in PTK (Who isn't I guess.. haha.)
-Have some volunteer hours from highschool,
-Don't have much else going for me!</p>

<p>So yea I've already applied to Rutgers, if I get into to business New Brunswick (Chance me!?) I'll probably go there, but I figured I should give more schools a try. </p>

<p>Thank you, and good luck to whoever else feels my pain transferring right now!</p>

<p>Rutgers is a good choice and since the college GPA is the primary factor in transfer admissions, your HS stats should not have any effect on your chances (people actually grow up and figure out what they want to do after the age of 18!). It is hard for others to suggest the kinds of schools you should apply to. Do you want to be in NJ? If so, Rowan University and NJIT come to mind.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply Xray!</p>