First time freshmen question.

<p>I will be entering college in spring but I want to go back to my hometown during spring break (which in my college, it only lasts from March 26-30) I want to maximize my stay there since the plane ticket price is extremely high. If I skip the last 2 instructional days before spring break (March 23,25) would this be a good idea or will I miss a whole lot? Are there usually any finals or huge assignments that will be issued during spring break?</p>

<p>That depends entirely on the courses you have. Many professors provide a course syllabus on the first day of each class that outlines course topics/assignments due throughout the semester, so you may have a very good idea of exactly what you will be missing. I know a few of my profs liked having papers/assignments due right before break so we didn't have to worry about getting that stuff done over the break. Some had things due after the break so we had time to catch up on it over the break. </p>

<p>I wouldn't suggest missing two classes in a row of the same class unless you speak with your professor beforehand and inform them of your situation. Just not showing up is generally frowned upon, but some may be understanding if you live far and your parents aren't willing to foot the bill for just a few short days of visit.</p>

<p>Don't expect him or her to trip over themselves to accommodate you, but do inform your professor in advance. By actually contacting him or her, you are showing you have interest in your academic success. So many students do not make that personal connection and it can make a great difference.</p>

<p>If you're going to be out of town, a lot of professors are willing to let you take a test early during their office hours if you ask them or send in a paper through email or just turn it in early. The key is communication. The only thing I ever saw that my professors wouldn't let us do was make up small quizzes that didn't count for much of the grade.</p>

<p>But of course it depends on the professor. I would wait until I saw the course syllabus before making a final decision about it. You may end up with a professor who is not lenient in the least.</p>

<p>It really depends on your instructor.. But like said, I wouldn't expect it. If they do, it will be quite generous on their part. Some instructors even have exams on the days leading up to spring break. Quite a few attitudes have been "I don't get to take a week off early, so why should I let you?" even saw one kind of patronize a student who was asking about taking the Mon and Wed off before Thanksgiving, thus having over a week off... Anyway dont sweat it,at worst they will just say "no", one step at a time, but just know how it traditionally works.</p>