First time here.

<p>A friend suggested me this site and I figured it might be helpful to see my chances, as I'm submitting everything tomorrow (oh the terror...).
Looking to be chanced for Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, Stanford, Rice, Johns Hopkins, USC, Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, Reed, Colgate, and Occidental.</p>

• GPA 3.83 unweighted (4.3/4.4 weighted?)
• SAT 2280 (740/770/770 in one sitting) 2300 super score (760/770/770)
• SAT Subject Exams: World History 760, Biology 800, Chemistry 800, Physics 740, US History 800
• AP Exams: Biology 5, European History 5, Calculus AB 5, Physics 5, Calculus BC 5, Chemistry 5, Physics C Mechanical 5, Physics EM 4, US History 4, English Language and Composition 3
• PSAT 226
• Current AP Courses: Government, Language and Literature
Extracurricular Activities
• Cross Country Frosh/Soph, JV, Varsity (11th-12th)
• Track Frosh/Soph, JV, Varsity (11th-12th)
• Varsity Swimming (9th-10th)
• JV Water Polo (10th)
• NHS Vice President (12th, on board since 11th, been in NHS since 10th)
• Science Olympiad Parliamentarian and competitor (10th-12th) (made state in sophomore year)
• Publications staff writer/blogger for both newspaper and yearbook, and columnist (11th-12th)</p>

<p>Community Service
Basically all the work I do is done mainly through NHS where we coordinate and send volunteers to various events around LA. We do various walks to raise money towards cancer/AIDS research, and I'm particularly involved with an animal rescue group who I help every weekend. I do various city events like festivals and such throughout the year too.</p>

<p>Honors and Awards
• National Honor Society (10th-12th)
• Hacienda League All Cross Country B Team
• All League Academic
• Most Promising Athlete (9th)
• Science Olympiad Regionals (8th/15th place)
• National AP Scholar
• National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist</p>

<p>Ranked 60/70 something in a class of 700 something? Top 10% for sure. Competitive public school setting.
From California, Chinese immigrant (Yea I'm a citizen), male.
Thank you for any help that may come! Cheers!</p>

Had a summer internship at SolarMax Inc. (basic engineering during summer 2011)
The 3 on English AP and 4 on APUSH were results from our AP retake (tests were stolen from our school) and both were expected to be... higher.
Applying as a biochem major.</p>

<p>You're pretty well balanced; I think you have a good chance at the schools. Again though, when it comes to Ivy League, the line blurs a bit but I would go for it.</p>

<p>Not at all about the OP, but note that some schools don't consider well-balanced necessarily a plus. Consider how boring a student body would be if everyone were well balanced. :eek:</p>

<p>Your rank is very low and scores just average for Harvard, Stanford, Dartmouth and Brown making them major reaches without a truly stand out EC. You have a much better shot at the others.</p>

<p>Yea I don't have crazy expectations but just trying to be a bit optimistic for myself. Hopefully my essays can bring me up a bit.</p>