First time poster looking for suggestions

I’m a rising senior. I went into this year with a 3.8 UW (with 5 honors courses) and this year got a C in math, a C in AP Lang&Comp, and a D in AP Bio. I got a B in APUSH, a B in honors earth science, and an A in French. There is no excuse for my grades other than I am really bad at math and bombed my bio final destroying my already precarious C that I worked my arse off for. In English I just got complacent, sure I was going to bring up my B from first semester to an A (my school only puts EOY grades on my transcript) and then BOOM, the end of the semester hit me hard. I’ve taken the ACT only once so far, didn’t prepare at all, and got a 28 with a 35 on the reading. I’m taking it again but this time I bought a prep book and just knowing the format/timing is going to help me too. I’m taking 5 APs next year.

I have good ECs that show passion over the course of 4 years and have gotten a lot of recognition for one of them. I have leadership positions as well, not just in school. I work a part time job. I do have interesting things to write about for my essays.

My parents can pay up to 8k per year, possibly 10 if they stretch it.

I prefer East Coast schools. Small to medium size is good. I want to study something in the social sciences/humanities like political science or something sociology related. I have a bit of an interest in marketing too but don;t think I want to major in it. I know about the schools in my state but little about those outside of it, which is why I’m looking for suggestions.

I haven’t made my list of colleges to apply to yet and thought the knowledgeable people here might have some suggestions or advice. I never had any want of applying to any Ivy league, top 25, or anything like that before, so don’t worry, my expectations aren’t sky high, especially at this point. Thank you for your suggestions.

What is your home state?
Are you going to retake AP Bio?

My school doesn’t give the option of retaking. Only kids who get Fs do summer school and do a credit recovery class. No AP classes are even offered then. I don’t regret taking the class. It was a hard class so I wasn’t bored, and I learned a lot. I know I at least got a 3 to pass the exam too. My practice exams were consistent 4s.

I’m hoping to find suggestions for the east coast in general.

Oh, I should probably add here that I took this as one of my electives. The science class I needed for my credit toward graduation was the earth science honors I got a B in. I already got my bio credit from freshman year when I took honors bio and got an A. That was more vocabulary and writing reports, which I’m good at.