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I hope everyone had an amazing christmas!
I am applying to two ivy leagues because my counselor said to give it a shot and some liberal arts schools. </p>

<p>I came to the United States when I was 10 years old (7 years ago) and didnt know any english. I had to learn it as fast as possible if I wanted to go to college. I am Hispanic from a very poor family (not a lot of opportunities). No one in my family speaks english so it was hard for me to practice at home, school was the only place.</p>

<p>I go to a very competitive public school, in order to be in the 10% of the graduating class you have to have above a 4.0 GPA!
my GPA (weighted): 3.92 probably one of the highest for hispanic students.
SAT's: Math: 640 CR: 490 Wr: 500 (Cannot pay prep classes, and im not a native speaker. Just learned english 7 years ago) They are very low, but I think I have a hook.
AP's: Spanish Lang, Spanish Lit, AP english, AP Lit, AP Physics, AP Psychology, AP Gov. Even though I had to learn english I decided to challenge myself and take as many AP classes.
Class Rank: between 10-15%</p>

<p>EC: I am president of two clubs (AVID & MECHA (hispanic club)), I was also historian for AVID and Treasurer for MECHA before.
Spanish Honor Society
Link Crew
Peer Counseling
Superintendents Student Advisory Committee (a small group of high school students from the district work with the Superintendent to improve our schools. I like to say it is very important.
Student Board Representative: I sit with the Board Members and the Superintendent during board meetings. I represent over 34,000 students from my district. I had to apply for this position. I feel like this is a very important achievement.
over 250 hours of community service.
I have attended an AVID summer convention and a California Board of Education convention.
and other small EC's.</p>

<p>Essays: They talk about how I had to overcome my language barrier and had the opportunity to obtain amazing positions at my school and stuff. I feel like they are very good. </p>

<p>Letters of Rec: Amazing, I have know my teachers since freshman year and they have seen me grow over the years. They have told me that they havent met someone like (if that counts). </p>

<p>I am first generation, Hispanic like I said. </p>

<p>I am also funding a scholarship for a Hispanic student from my district. I am hoping to raise at least $1,000. I am working on the scholarship right now. I am going to finish it by the end of my senior year. If you are wandering, I am going to raise the money by selling my art pieces, make fundraisers and asking for donations. I am not doing this because it will look good on college apps but because there is a lack of Hispanic role models and I want to give the opportunity to a Hispanic student to obtain a higher education. I am very passionate about education and I believe that going to college is a must but some people have difficulties achieving their dreams. </p>

<p>Thanks in advance! I hope you are doing well, and if you are applying to college... GOOD LUCK :)</p>

<p>It's nice to hear from a fellow immigrant :). I came here at the age of 7, so it wasn't as tough for me as it must have been for you. </p>

<p>De que estado eres? This can determine if you have shots at other universities (especially Texas) because your chances for the Ivy league schools are minimal to none. Necesitas bajar tus sue</p>

<p>Everyone dreams of attending a good university, and that is my case. (It doesnt matter, English or Spanish is fine with me).
I am from California, and I am applying to some good universities like Pomona College (a lot of people havent heard of it though)
Brown is definitely my reach school, my friend got accepted with a lower GPA. He said his essays was what got him in. So my hopes are still up.
It doesnt really matter where I go, as long I as I know that it is good for me.
Yes, learning a new language is hard but it allows you to see the world in a whole different perspective and appreciate things more.</p>

<p>Hola glopez1994! Las scores de los examenes son muy bajos, pero tu eres una persona muy interesante. Creo que si explicar tu vida en tus ensayos, los agentes de admision entenderian que has superado muchos obstaculos para ser quien eres hoy. Tus actividades son variados y pienso que eres un estudiante muy diligente. Dudo que recibirias un oferta de admision de Brown pero creo que asistirias una buena universidad! No te preocupas muchacho! El colegio va a ser un paraismo iniguadable! Buena suerte and good luck!</p>

Me obsesiono con las universidades, y no me importa a cual voy. Solamente me importa que sea una buena universidad. Ya veremos que dira brown, y si dice que no, ps la vida sigue.

<p>Mas Latinos! Glopez1994, pienso que su historia es muy interesante; no te preocupes por sus scores de los SATs (muchas universidades saben que la gente que aprendieron otra idioma antes del Ingles van a tener scores bajos). No pienso que vas a tener problemas en la entrada a la universidad! Buena suerte!</p>

<p>Mas latinos tienen que ir a la universidad. Ya estoy arto de los estereotipes, y apuesta que ustedes tambien.
Gracias por tus sabias palabras!</p>

<p>Pomona is very common around here I think. I see a lot of posts popping up regarding Pomona, so it's probably a great school. I'm not too familiar with California and how they do their stuff with illegal immigrants (you didn't state whether you were legal or not) but I think the DREAM Act passed over there? No? Deberias apply at the UCs since you're from over there. They are amazing schools and you would have a great chance at attending. You may think your scores are low, but consider that you are on CC, which is basically made up of the top 1-5% of students in the U.S. and the world. Hablar</p>

<p>A lot of people confuse Pomona College with Cal poly Pomona (public school). It is ranked #4 for Liberal arts schools.
Yes, I am illegal and the Dream Act has passed in California which gives me better chances of going to college :)
I did apply to UC's but I dont think they are for me. I like private schools better, and also because of financial aid.
A lot of people say that I will get into good schools, so im hoping its true.
And dont worry, i understand English very well so you dont need to write in spanish:)
yes, hispanics are making progress but I think we are still the worst minority.
Im not sure but we need to step it up!!</p>

<p>Empuja para delante glopez, de un Latino a otro.</p>

<p>O. Well it still sounds like it is a good school. Just make sure you have done everything you can and turned in everything unless you want some unexpected bad new lol. I'm sure the UCs will give you more money, considering you're from the state of California and come from a low income family. However, it is true that privates tend to be way more generous due to the fact that they don't have to answer to the government. Also, apply to as many scholarships as you can.</p>

<p>Blacks tend to do worse than Hispanics. Were closer to whites than we are closer to blacks in standardized scores--if that means anything to you. If only we could get blacks and Hispanics to work together and strive to get better educations, than maybe--just maybe, we could bring our races closer to educational equality. However, we can only do so much.</p>

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<p>Glopez, if you look at the common data sets for the ivies and Pomona, you'll see that your scores are simply too low for acceptance, they take virtually no one with your CR score. Unfortunately, your scores tell them it would be difficult for you to succeed among their students.</p>

<p>Many schools will give you a boost for your background, but you must apply to realistic ones. The schools that are SAT optional would be your best bets. You can see a list at There are many wonderful ones and many similar to, but less competitive than, Pomona. Look at Bowdoin and Bates to start.</p>