First Year Abroad

So I just found out about FSU’s first year abroad program which grants in state tuition after the first year! This is awesome but unfortunately did not know this prior and had no applied. I was wondering if there are any other programs like this offered at different schools? Or would FSU allow me to do it as a transfer? What are other ways to qualify for in state tuition?
Thank you in advance!


Have a peek at if you decide to do it independently. It always amazes me that the most affordable study abroad programs (offered by European universities) are not on our radar here in the US. I posted a few other posts today. If you go directly, you will save 75% on the same programs offered by a US college.

Just to give you some persepective - I did an earlier post. There´s an academic year program in Salamanca. The University of Salamanca charges $3,000 for the Entire Academic Year tuition, and you pay around $250 a month for a room in an apartment withI other students.

Tuition alone with a US university for the same program would cost you around $20,000 for the same program.

Just fod for thought.

Ah - and I responded to your post because you mentioned first year abroad. Had I known then what I know now, I would have gone abroad first (you only need to be 16) and saved myself $30,000


Wow wow thank you!! Have you gone abroad? Also do you go to FSU?

It depends on what language (hence country) you wish to study in, but you might want to check the options of going on your own. I went to Germany with no German, started in a Goethe Institute, and enrolled in language courses in the university for an administrative fee of $40 or so. I discovered that I was studying alongside students in a UMASS program who were paying full tuition, for which they received a little administrative support and had an office to hang out in. My credits were transferable. You might want to look into this.

Yep, I went abroad several times. I enrolled directly into the International Programs offered by European universities. I am from a big city in the US and for the price of living and going to college for 3 or 4 months in my home city, I was actually able to spend a year abroad (I did that twice, plus some summer programs). I didn’t go to FSU.