First Year Experience Overrated?

<p>Does the "freshman experience" really matter? Can you only get that at top-tier universities? Can you get that at all at CC's? If you transfer to another college as a sophomore or junior, are your chances of becoming involved in a new campus nonexistent?</p>

<p>Please share your thoughts on this.</p>

<p>college is what you make of it...anywhere you go</p>

<p>the OP asks a question that is really too general. For most frosh, its the first time away from home and everyone is looking to meet people. So it may be the easiest time to make friends. You don't get that at most CCs. If you xfer later, a lot depends on where you go. If students have dispersed by junior year into a larger surrounding city its going to be harder to meet people than if they're all living right on or near campus. And it depends how sociable you are; an outgoing person will dive right in and maybe not miss a beat, a quieter person may feel more uncomfortable no matter what the school. For sure after spending 2 years together the students already there have made friends and are comfortable with their life at college.</p>

<p>I realize that some people due to a variety of circumstances have no choice but to xfer into a college, but my advice would be that if possible spend time on the college search in HS to find a school that is a good fit for you (eg. don't be a name whore) and that they can spend 4 years at.</p>

<p>i went to a CC for my senior year in high school, and i can tell you that there is a HUGE difference in the experience, but I would most likely blame it on commuting to the CC and living on campus at the 4 year. The CC was a lot easier, and i did not make many friends (but i really didnt try either since i had all my highschool friends). If you are going to live on campus, I would just go straight to the 4 year so that you can find some people you like to be around, which may not happen as easily your sophomore or junior year. If you would be commuting, the 'freshman experience' will be the same either way.</p>