First year porgrams and housing?

<p>So I know I'm late on picking the first year program, but I thought it was not mandatory? Anyway the left first year programs are collegium and Alpha. Collegium does not interest me as it has nothing with engineering or physics and even though FE 100 is gone that didn't interests me since I already live in Maryland. </p>

<p>So if I have to I think Alpha with the Engineering Science discipline would be my first choice and then second the computer science discipline, third the information systems. As for the fourth I don't know.</p>

<p>So if I where to pick the Alpha housing will I get to be around other people interested Engineering and computer science or is with everyone in the Alpha program in general?</p>

<p>idk! but call and ask them. i'm sure they would be happy to answer it or ask at orientation :)</p>

<p>I guess I kinda had to sign up for orientation. Only one session left. I know no one else would take the classes I want at loyola so I don't really have worry about picking my classes, but I have a load of questions. After looking at the schedule for orientation I could probably get them answered just by their presentations and while I get my 1 on 1 time to ask the unanswered ones. </p>

<p>thanks for replying</p>