First Year Program

<p>As a parent of a freshman, I would like to encourage everyone considering St. Lawrence to take a close look at their First Year Program (FYP). It is an amazing program that St. Lawrence has pioneered and continues to perfect. The FYP has made a clear difference in my child's ability to comfortably transition into college both academically and socially. This is a unique and important program that distinguishes SLU.</p>

<p>Many schools offer first year experience programs and I would strongly agree that this kind of program can be an important factor to consider when looking at schools, especially where there are concerns about how well the student will transition to college. US News also lists what they consider to be the best first year experience programs in their honor rolls rankings (did not see SLU listed there but rankings must always be taken with a grain of salt).</p>

<p>When "shopping" for a college, it is possible to find many schools which offer FYP experiences. But it is important to note that there is a big difference in what these programs really encompass on the various campuses. Where SLU truly succeeds in its First Year living-learning community is in its ability to connect with curriculum and provide a full credit bearing program. To read more<br>
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<p>Also to learn more about the goals of the living learning communties, read Vince Tinto, a nationally recognized expert.<br>
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<p>I agree, rankings are subject to question. For those who may be interested, SLU has been in the USNEWs rankings, most recently 2004 in two lists "First Year Experiences" and "Living Communities". With one child a freshman and another to be next year, I wish that I had discovered the following book earlier. The rankings can become an emotional issue without even realizing it.
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