First Year Roommate?

Does anyone know the process for FY room assignments? The dorm is based on FYS, granted. But is there a further matching questionnaire used, or personality test, or?? That seems to be near ubiquitous with other schools we have researched; can’t seem to locate that information for Gettysburg.

DD is a now deposited ‘23; we’ll be in town Friday for the GAD Saturday! Very excited.

Gettysburg does something called first year seminar. You pick a class from a designated list and all students who pick that class live in the same residence hall. There are like 50 topics to pick from - an extensive list that can be found on the website. I really think is this is an innovative way to match roommates.
We will also be at GAD and are very excited.

@Leigh22- thx. Yes, as I said the dorm is based on FYS (First Year Seminar) choice. But that can’t be the only criteria for room selection, can it? Many colleges try to match preferences and personalities; but I can find no mention of such, anywhere. Saturday I will be sure to ask. :wink:

That is one of the questions I hope is answered at GAD this weekend

I suspect that they may think that interest in the same FYS is enough, given the range of topics. I’m hoping they do a little screening to avoid, say, putting people who wake up at the crack of dawn to hit the gym with people who arrange their class schedule so they can stay up to 4 AM and sleep until noon. But I guess we’ll find out this weekend.

I very much support diversity, and anything reasonable that is done to enhance it gets my wholehearted support. But there are basic lifestyle choices (such as sleep schedule preferences, neatness/messiness, etc) that really would be best accommodated by asking a few simple diagnostic questions and matching accordingly. We’ll see. I’m also not entirely comfortable with the RISE program, and how that might play out over the course of freshman year.

Looking forward to Saturday.

I didn’t even know about RISE. If you don’t mind my asking, what makes you uncomfortable with it?

I think my kid plans to do RISE first year and then move to the LGBT house in future years. He’s much more priggish about alcohol than I ever expected - I suspect because the drinkers at his high school are very unpleasant people. It’s nice that the college is creating spaces where the nondrinkers can have fun and be sociable.

I find several facets that just seem…off. Or at least I’m skeptical (for the record my DD is an athletic and studious- but fun loving- non drinker who thinks substance abuse is stupid but is not opposed to moderate consumption). RISE kids are placed in mixed dorms, with at least the possibility they’ll be surrounded by those making poor, obtrusive choices. Better than nothing, I suppose, but how about the poor kid who is REALLY tempted or struggles intensely with sobriety? Also one may not partake in the room, but does that preclude drinking elsewhere, and staggering home? (I’m assuming that’s clearly defined; I just don’t know the answer).

I very much get the sense the college has worked through these issues thoughtfully and believes these are the best solutions for the maximum number of students, given conditions and institutional aims. I’m just not, at this point, convinced it’s better than a (say) dedicated floor for those who would desire that experience.

I don’t believe RISE housing is available to first year students, or at least it wasn’t an option in previous years. Rise does plan some activities and have alcohol free bbq’s etc. that first year students can participate in but in terms of first year housing you are slotted with others in your fys. In later years I believe there is separate RISE designated housing available to students who wish to reside in an alcohol free environment.

@beenthereanddone incoming freshmen may ask for a RISE “room” in the selection process; these rooms are intermingled among “regular” rooms. Full RISE housing is an option for upperclassmen.

@Decal7 - Valid points . My S is not a drinker and has no interest. I mentioned RISE to him to look into at GAD. I guess it would be difficult to put them on one floor or in one area because of the FYS.

RISE for upperclassmen has been in a completely separate building. It’s moved around based on demand and availability. This year and last year it’s been in a refurbished old frat house on Carlisle Street. Put “227 Carlisle St Gettysburg” into Google maps and you’ll see it (though it’s labeled there with the old fraternity name).

Anyone get more info about RISE? We really enjoyed GAD. Very impressed with professors we met, our tour and the students we interacted with. Also, the beautiful weather really helped!