First Year Seminars and Course Selections

<p>^No, at least I still haven't heard from them about the allotted FYS/CAP! Maybe, they will inform us in the weekly email due this Friday.</p>

<p>I still haven't heard about my FYS from the first round... Is this bad? Have others heard yet? I'm semi-freaking out; I hope my registration attempt worked!</p>

<p>yeah i got mine today in an email. i got one email telling me what fys i got and one telling me that the second round was starting. you could probably email them about it</p>

<p>^Same here! I, too, received the allotment information in an email!</p>

<p>P.S. I got Jan Tullis as my adviser! Yippee...</p>

<p>^ ME TOO!!! looks like ure going to be in my geo class :) Jan is awesome. I've been emailing her consistently since december</p>

<p>^Hey, that's great news! From what I have heard about Ms. Jan Tullis, I can most definitely say that she is amongst Brown's best teachers, advisors and people!</p>

<p>And, good to know that another CCer will be in my CAP as well!</p>

<p>So, will you be a Geological Sciences concentrator!</p>

<p>thanks for answering :)</p>

<p>@thatsnotmy, did you register for a CAP course or just FYS? </p>

<p>I registered for just an FYS, and I filled the three class spots, pressed submit, and then the screen was the same but the three spaces were again blank. Do people think that I registered correctly? Thanks if you can answer!</p>

<p>I think I will email, because I would love to get into a spring and a fall FYS.</p>

<p>@harvard17. yessir! wow. first prefrosh I met thts also planning on concentrating in geology. I'm thinking a double major in geochem and either literary arts or comparative literature.</p>

<p>Did anyone select Bach for the FYS? How about Self for the CAP course?</p>

<p>@swim2daend: My friend, I respect your enthusiasm, but, I, as of now, have no plans to concentrate in Geological Sciences! At present, I am interested in Computer Science and Astronomy, and, if given the opportunity, I would even like to Double Major in them. This surely does not mean that I am ruling out Geological Sciences. It's just that I have never really experienced it hands on. If I study GS and find it interesting and enigmatic, I would love to concentrate in it!</p>

<p>But, nevertheless, it feels really good to know someone so enthusiastic beforehand!</p>

<p>haha that's fine. Jan is so knowledgeable. I've been emailing her for a while and has helped me so much in all areas. :)</p>