Fish Camp

<p>Could someone please explain how Fish Camp works? I'm an international student so it makes things a bit tricky. I've got international orientation and check-in from August 17-18 and NSC from August 24-25. So could explain how it works as far as moving into College Station/Dorms, etc is concerned. When freshman attend Fish Camp (especially the ones towards late/mid August) do they bring all their luggage to College Station with them? If so do they leave it in storage somewhere (seeing as they probably wouldn't be taking a suitcase on a 4 day camp)? Really appreciate any feedback.</p>

<p>If you attend the last fish camp that runs into "Gig'em week", you will be allowed to move into your dorm early.</p>

<p>So what happens if you have to attend an earlier one? On that note is Fish Camp actually worth it?</p>

<p>Fish Camp will greatly help you tranistion to TAMU because you will meet a lot of freshmen at FC that will be your friends throughout your time at TAMU. In addition, your counselors at FC will be your mentors in your freshman year. People you meet at FC will be your support network. It's one of the things that makes TAMU unique.</p>

<p>You not regret going to FC but you will regret not going.</p>

<p>Is it too late to register for Fish Camp?</p>

<p>Registration doesn't start until June 1st.
Best experience in my life I believe.
Heres the website: Fish</a> Camp 2010 ~ A Freshman's First Tradition | Fish Camp</p>

<p>If you attend the August 18-21 FC (Session F), you will be able to move into your dorm when you come back from Fish Camp on August 21 instead of waiting until August 22. It will be much less hectic on August 21.</p>

<p>i wanted to go to the august 20-24 fish camp, but i wanted to move in on the 18 or 19. is that possible or do i have to wait for after fish camp?</p>

<p>Probably not because your bus will be departing for FC on the morning of August 21. The returning group from the August 18-21 FC won't be coming back until late in the afternoon on August 21 so the dorm staff won't be processing move-ins until then.</p>

<p>You may want to check with the housing office for alternative arrangements if you are moving to College Station from a long distance.</p>

<p>Last year the group that would be gone during move in day was allowed to put their things in their room before they left and then turn their key back in. It was the morning of the day they left for Fish Camp.</p>