For any Fall 2019 applicants that got waitlisted for the fashion institute of technology. If you’re a transfer student mention it plz. Thank you. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Let’s keep everyone posted.

Ayeee part of the waitlist.

Also please mention of your COA changed when you were waitlisted. Thanks

where did you see ur admission decision?? i haven’t gotten an email or anything- did u get it in the mail?

@BrookstoneOrbit did u get it in mail or can you see it online?

@natt2020 got in the mail today.

Can you guys share the program you applied for and is it for AA or bachelors.

What can we do at this time? All can we do is just waiting?

Got waitlisted for one-year FD program…

got waitlisted for fashion design aas. I got into London college of fashion foundation year so I guess im going there now. does anyone know when we’re supposed find out at the latest

waitlisted for fbm


Also got waitlisted for the fashion design program. I’m a transfer student as well!

waitlisted for Film and Media AAS, not a transfer

did anyone apply for Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing BS program?

Does anyone know the statistics for waitlisted students getting in? Approx how many get off the waitlist. My D’s friend was waitlisted.

Oops that was for housing waitlist…

waitlisted for fbm, aas

There are no stats for waitlist acceptances. Everyone keep us posted for any updates you may have about FITs decision on your application.

Tho I think most of us will have to wait until July, am I right?
That seems like such a long time from now ?

So where is everyone’s 2nd choice?