FIT Acceptance?

Hey! So it’s really late to apply but due to financial situations I’m applying to FIT now for the fall, is there anyone who got in and what there GPA and scores were like? Thanks!

This is what FIT advertised a couple years ago…

“Admitted first-year students in Fall 2015 had an average GPA of 3.77, mid-50% SAT range of 1100–1280, mid-50% ACT composite range of 25–30, and class rank in the top 21% of their class.”

It’s probably about the same now.

Son was accepted and offered the scholars Scholarship covering 100% of tuition and fees. His stats are 1550 SAT, 800 math2 and 800 physics subject exams, 3.91 GPA, 5.4 weighted GPA, calc ab and bc in AP classes as well as physics 1 and 2. AICE diploma recipient.
The requirements are a bit lower than his I believe. We were surprised at the full tuition scholarship.