FIT admission essay: interior design

What makes you a perfect candidate for FIT? Why are you interested in the major you are applying to? The essay is also your chance to tell us more about your experiences, activities and accomplishments. (No more than 750 words, please.)

I was interested in interior design ever since I was a child. I enjoyed watching home design shows and when I played virtual life games on the computer, I mostly enjoyed decorating house interiors and used my creativity to make my own virtual home. My interest in interior design continued, I drew my own floor plans, like the ones I saw on tv, and I filled them in with furniture and color. I eventually bought apps for interior designing and continued to create my own works for fun. I also tend to judge people’s home interiors without myself realizing, and when I daydream, I mostly think about how a certain space can be altered into a better and attractive space. I was determined to major in interior design after viewing several model homes because I became influenced by the attractive designs and different moods each house had.
I am interested in interior design because it is fascinating to see how a simple change in lighting, color, material, and arrangement can change a dull and empty room. When designing, an original work is created through personality and creativity and there are no limitations in what must be formed. I want to develop more knowledge about how texture, fabric, colors, lighting, and elements of design all work together to form a comfortable, safe, and appealing space. Interior design is important because it provides safety, comfort, luxury, and an organized lifestyle. I want to be able to attract people with my creative ideas and help people feel satisfied with where they are.
I took many design courses in high school, mostly as a senior in high school, which included learning how to photoshop, work with video, photography, audio, engineering design, architectural design, webpage making, and animation. I also learned to work with many design programs, and most were programs professional designers and colleges used, so I have some skills and knowledge that other design students do not know how to use, and have benefited me from taking the courses. I also saw my creativity improve. I was excited to go to school thinking about starting and finishing my design projects. When students in my class saw my design work, most of them complemented me. When there were group projects, I was mostly asked to design the main poster, cover, flyer, or website from students or teachers. My teachers also complemented me for my creativeness, skills and passion I had for the classes. FIT focuses in design and art and is full of students who are passionate in design and art. I want to be around students who have similar interests as me to keep myself motivated, confident, inspired, and gain further knowledge in what I want to study. FIT is also a very competitive school and I want to challenge myself to become better than other students and learn as much as possible. FIT is also diverse. A diverse community will make the learning environment more unique and help others learn different styles that are not common in the United States. New York is filled with distinct architecture. Most places in New York have modern interiors which I like studying to learn what professional interior designers did to make the interiors attractive and suitable. There are also people from all over the world, which will help me gain a wide vision of the world and gain unique design skills. Therefore, I am confident that FIT will help me pursue my dream to become a successful interior designer.

I feel like there are a lot of grammar errors… and maybe the essay is off topic? idk can someone edit and help me fix my essay?

You do know that the Florida Institute of Technology is in Florida, not New York, right? Did you mean the Fashion Institute of Technology? And yeah, lots of grammatical, tense and sentence structure issues. You seem to know this, so I would assume that with just a bit of effort you could do most of the edits yourself.