FIT Admissions and Financial Aid Fall 2018-2019 -

My daughter applied for fall and was wondering when the financial aid packet comes out? Admissions was not sure and said after you pay your non-refundable deposit, which seems crazy.

My son paperback in November .He received acceptance and has received word of the financial packet several times now. He was awarded a 50% tuition scholarship and next week they will announce the recipients of 60 full tuition scholarships they are giving to celebrate 60 years. We have not paid any deposits. I would recommend calling financial aid dept directly.

A few years ago, we got the FA awards letter, including merit, in February. We had not paid any deposit before receiving it.

After 4 years of dealing with all the different departments, I’d advise to take everything with a grain of salt. The communications between offices is not good. FA say check with admissions, someone else will say to check with housing, or student services. The people are nice, but each department only does its job and doesn’t know how things work in the other department.

This should have been under the Fashion Institute of Technology not Florida Institute of Technology, sorry