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Hello, I am applying for the 1 year A&M transfer program and I would like some feedback on my essay. If anyone responds thank you. My essay is currently 702 words :slight_smile:

From the ages of 3-13, I lived and traveled to places like Japan, Italy, Korea, and many more places because of my dads’ job. Being in those places helped me to experience different cultures and backgrounds and understand the origin of their fashion influences. It gave me the knowledge of knowing that fashion isn’t expressed in the same way all across the world, which brings out a new sense of uniqueness.

At a young age, I had a passion for anything that dealt with me drawing, painting, and pretty much anything that had to do with me creating new things. At the age of eight, I started to take an interest in sewing and decided that I wanted to expand my skills. At this time, I was living in Cuba, but my family and I would travel to Virginia frequently to see our friends and family. One of my mom’s friends that lived there at the time gave me my first sewing lesson. That first sewing lesson opened the door to fashion for me. She taught me basic sewing techniques and helped me create items like scarfs, hats, and pillows that were all beginner friendly. When my parents saw how interested and passionate, I was they bought me a sewing machine and with supplies to go along with it. I still have that sewing machine and use it to continue to improve my sewing skills.
In high school was when I fully came to the realization that I would have a career in the fashion industry. During my senior year, I worked as a sales associate for New York & Company. Working in a fashion-based environment, being surrounded by clothes and accessories, made me realize that I wanted to become a retail buyer. I loved the thought of being more hands-on, picking out the merchandise, and working with a team of designers. From the time of being a kid to now, fashion has been something that has always stuck with me. It has always been something that allowed me to express myself without physically using my words.

Within a few years, I can see myself being what I dreamed of, a buyer for a major retail company or department store. I have taken classes such as the introduction to fashion forecasting, introduction to the fashion industry, and computer graphics to prepare for this goal. I enjoyed both fashion classes because they taught me things about the industry that I did not know before. The more fashion-focused classes I take the more I realize that fashion is something that I am meant to do. The computer graphics class I took, allowed me to see how certain displays can elicit personal feelings among different viewers. With the Advertising and Marketing communications degree, it would give me the opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of how campaigns, ads, and proper marketing influence customers. When you’re a buyer for a store you want it to reach a wider audience and know what kinds of trends customers are into since they always change. It would help to improve the skills and knowledge needed to become a buyer. Especially when they deal with size inclusivity and show representations of different races and backgrounds. I want to create campaigns that speak to everyone and when they are seeing and reading them, they can find a piece of themselves that they can relate to.

I feel like the Fashion Institute of Technology is an amazing school that prepares all of its students for the industry exceptionally. By offering courses that are more challenging compared to other universities and providing more hands-on experiences. I know attending FIT for the one-year program would shape me into the person I want to become once I walk through those doors. I am a perfect candidate because I am a hardworking individual that takes pride in her work and is goal oriented. I think outside of the box and develop new and creative ways to get things done while still being able to execute it in a timely manner. Overall, I think FIT would be an exceptional fit for me providing me with the skills to excel in my future career in the fashion industry.
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Thank you, I am using it but I ended up adding/deleting some things. But good luck to you! I’m sure your essay will be great

In general, it’s not a good idea to post entire essays online because they can become searchable. Colleges use software to search the internet for plagiarism and your essay could be actually flagged as plagiarizing yourself.