FIT Admissions

I submitted my Common App for Florida Tech on December 26th and they said they will email me in a few days and I would be notified of my decision in a few weeks. It has been a week and I have not received an email as yet. Should I be worried? Should I contact them first?

FIT is between semesters right now. There’s probably barely anyone working. I’d give it another week.

I think it takes longer for them to get an application through the common app. Call them on Monday to see if they got it.

Okay, thank you. I just got worried because all of the other schools I applied to emailed me acknowledging receipt of my application and then linking me to an applicant portal to check my application status. Does any such portal exist for FIT?

You should be able to check the status of your application in PAWS if you have a TRACKS account. It’s under Student > Admissions.

thank you everyone!
I only received an email granting me access to a TRACKS account after I received my admissions decision email.
Oh well, I got in :slight_smile: Thanks again!