FIT Fall 2019

For any fall 2019 applicants for the fashion institute of technology

Hey I’m also applying for fall 2019. It’s currently 4 am and I’m panicking about my gpa and how it’s not going to help me get in and how I’m orobably going to get rejected and I’m so scared

@elmo SAME! I’ve been worried about my gpa but I’m applying to menswear so I guess my portfolio may balance that out. Whats ur gpa and major?

Hi guys I’m currently in my first year of college I’m reapplying for the fall 2019
My Hs gpa was a 3.7 and my college gpa is a 2.55… I’m scared I won’t get considered too. I applied for FBM

@ElizaP10 it sucks that we’re in the same boat. but hopefully we get considered, also transfers have a higher chance of getting in so hopefully that helps you a lot more!

Hey guys I’m a first year college student and I’m just submit the suny application to fit as a transfer yesterday. I’m worried it’s too late but hopefully it I can submit everything else by feb 1st it’ll be okay. I applied to AMC. I had a 3.6 gpa in hs and 3.9 first semester of college

Hello everyone! I’m a high school senior and have applied as a fashion design major for Fall 2019. I have all materials submitted, but I also plan on applying for the Presidential Honors Program by Feb 1. I am happy to share what I submitted for my portfolio, as well as specs/test scores if anyone is curious. I believe my unweight GPA is somewhere between 3.7-3.9 but I can’t remember off the top of my head lol.

Good luck to everyone!

Hello! I applied as a transfer for fall 2019 and was wondering if anyone knows when the admissions decision notifications will be sent out? Thanks!

I just submitted my application too! Good luck to everyone

@kmalin usually desicions will come out late march and early april

Hey everyone! Good luck I know were all counting down the days till April 1. Would anyone be interested in starting a group chat? Maybe through Instagram dms? :slight_smile:

Hello everyone… did any of you get the CLEP exam mail?

Does anyone know how long we have to wait to hear back? I know it says by April 1st but I heard back in 2 weeks from a WI state school so I am not sure if NY state schools will be the same way?

from what i’ve seen for prior years, they didn’t hear back until at least the middle of march and those were kids who live in new york/the trip state

hi does anyone know the deadline for transfer fall 2019. Did we miss it at this point. Should we apply for Spring 2020.

Hey guys has anyone heard back yet? Just wondering cause I know some people get replies really early

Not yet. Still early. We might hear back around mid March.

Hey guys! I applied for the 2 year AAS FBM degree. Does anyone know if people that did not submit FAFSA forms will still have their COA change? FAFSA forms are not required correct?

Hello Everyone, I am a bit nervous.
I submitted my portfolio and essay late but I met all the requirements. Would I automatically be declined due to submitting after the deadline?

I am a transfer student, and currently have a 3.68 GPA.

Good luck to everyone else.

@chloegucci Not completely sure but I saw from previous forums that international students will not see a change in their COAs due to not having to submit for fafsa! is the ‘class search’ and ‘ethnicity’ links accessed through the sitemap available to click for everyone this year? i heard that in the past this may be a way to tell if your application has been already reviewed.