FIT Fall of 2019 Transfer

Hi! I applied as a transfer for the fall of 2019 to the AAS 1-Year Fashion Design program! Has anyone else applied and if so what major? When do you think we’ll hear back for an admissions decision? The wait is killing me!

Hi! I just sent my application. I applied to theAdvertising and Digital Design program. We should hear back before April 1st.

I also applied to the one year for FD!!! Omg I need to know if I got in like yesterday !!!

I’m so nervous! Would you guys mind sharing stats? I have a pretty good background of extracurriculars and went to an academically rigorous high school, but got like a 2.74 GPA. Now I’m in university with a 3.32 GPA in a Merchandising major with marketing and media minor.

did anyone get their acceptance letter yet? i am able to see my unofficial transcript online, I wonder if this is good news lol

I applied for the CFM program, anyone else?

@katerinaxo I’m a transfer as well! Can you explain where you located an unofficial transcript online and what that looks like for you? I have not received my letter but when I called yesterday, they told me that a decision has been made and I should be receiving my mail shortly.

@honda05 hi…yea just log onto this website and then scroll down until you see “You may also use some of the popular shortcuts below:” and the link for “Unofficial Student Transcript” is right below that.

When I click on it I see my unofficial transcript with all courses I took (seems they accepted all of them). Under grade (for each course) there’s a “T”. Assuming T is for credit that has been transferred? Courses they’ve accepted?

I don’t know if this means anything. It is my first time applying to FIT. I’m praying that I get accepted.

Let me know if you also see your unofficial transcript. BTW where are you located? I’m in Long Island.

@katerinaxo Thanks for quickly replying. I logged into my account and it seems like there isn’t that section for me titled “You may also use some of the popular shortcuts below:”. I applied for the two-year AAS Fashion Design program so our portals may be slightly different since you have applied to the bachelors program? My cost of attendance and financial checklist status have been updated however. Let me know if yours has done that as well! I’ve been super nervous and hoping to hear good news soon!

@DFashionista The program that I’m trying to get into is incredibly competitive. I mean when I went in person to find out more about the CFM program and I spoke to someone in the dept, he was so blunt and gave it to me straight. He was like "we prioritize our own students, if there’s space then we may accept transfer students. It doesn’t matter if your GPA is 4.0 and you’re the perfect candidate if there’s no space, there’s no space. Sometimes we don’t even have space for our own FIT students. I’m not trying to discourage you but you should have a backup plan. "

So yea I walked out feeling kinda down, but I still wanted to apply. You never know what can happen. I didnt need to submit any high school transcripts or SATs because I already have a BA. I graduated with honors, cum laude 3.7 GPA. So thats all I submitted, my college transcript and my essay. I’m just relying on my grades because I did not do any extracurricular activities.

You sound like a great candidate, how competitive is the program you’re trying to get into? I think they always prioritize their own students, the ones that completed their AAs at FIT and then transfers take the spaces that are left, so anyone that gets in as a transfer should consider themselves lucky!

Good luck everyone and keep us updated !

@honda05 ofc =) and yea I mean I don’t wanna get my hopes up and think that having my unofficial transcript up means anything. Our portals are probably different, I assumed you were also applying for a BS. Where do I find the COA…everyone talks about it on here and I’m just wondering where it is lol.

why did someone flag my post? lol

@katerinaxo To me, it sounds like a good sign more than anything! Omg I hope I didn’t accidentally flag it! I don’t ever remembering doing that so I don’t think it was me lol? To locate the COA, once you log into the portal, there should be a link where it says “Go to my Financial Aid Checklist” under the Financial Aid Resources section. From there, select the 2019-2020 for the year. You should see a checklist with green checks mark and possibly an orange exclamation mark. My “4. Final Financial Aid Review” has a green checkmark at this time. To find the COA, click on the blue tab that says “Award Overview” next to “General Information”. If you see a number listed other than $0, then the COA has been updated. Of course, we don’t know for sure if this signifies anything but it certainly allows us to make sure that all the fafsa/financial aid information is all updated and good to go!

I applied for 1 year AAS in textile/surface design, and Im a transfer, I already have one Associates and I didnt finiah my Bachelors. No change in Financial Aid Checklist or COA. :neutral:

@honda05 thank you. I didnt apply for financial aid, I’m not eligible bc I already have a BA.

@katerinaxo hey! I’m a transfer student too and I was also able to see my transfer credits on my unofficial transcript. I’m so nervous but idk if they would process credits for people who didn’t get in?

@jendclifford hi, i think I read you said you’re currently enrolled in non degree classes at FIT. I took one class as a nondegree student last semester at FIT. Maybe the reason we see our unofficial transcript is only because we’ve both been FIT students. I’m wondering if there are any transfer students that have never taken a class at FIT and are able to see their unofficial transcript. Were you also enrolled in classes last semester?

I know! I’m also so nervous! I’m sure we will get the letter sometime this week. I wish you the best of luck!

@katerinaxo yes I took classes last semester. Good luck to you too! Hopefully we both get our packets this week!

Hey guys! new to this site:)
Is anyone from around Dutchess County who applied as a transfer student to FIT? I’ve been checking the mail like 20 times a day now!!

Hi, I am also a transfer student. I applied for the one year communications design program, hoping to get into the packaging design BFA next year! I applied for financial aid too. I am 24, so I’m considered an adult learner, and have an AA already. I am so nervous and I haven’t gotten anything in the mail yet! AHHHHHHH!

3.4 GPA
AA Creative & Applied Arts
Lots of extra curricular activities