FIT Spring 2020

Hey guys :slight_smile: I just wanted to start a thread for anyone who’s applying to FIT for Spring 2020 (this January). Thought it’d be a good place to discuss the application and majors and meet one another if we’re fortunate enough to make it in haha I just applied for Interior Design. Anybody else?

just completed my application for FBM, transferring from a cc in california

same here lol! from a CC in california also! hah

did u send in ur app already?

I sent in mine but not my portfolio yet. I’m not sure if you guys have a portfolio for FBM, do you?

I just sent my app in for FBM we didn’t need to submit a portfolio just an essay. I submitted my essay yesterday. I’m just waiting for them to receive my hs transcript.

Hi i’m applying. still have my fashion design portfolio to finish. i’m transferring from georgia. :smile:

I submitted everything and now i guess i just have to wait. I preferred the stress of having to turn everything in rather than waiting to here back lol.

Hi, I’m just submitted all documents for Fashion Design?,
nice to meet you all.

Same!! I hate the waiting game. Anyone know if theres a day when were supposed to hear back? I know for this past fall, most people were supposed to hear by April 1

We hear back on 1st December

@jaybee95 What major do you apply?

hi! i just totally finished my entire application. i applied for fall2019 (for fashion design) and i got waitlisted. im assuming i got rejected because well, im not in fit lol. but i called today because my app status said i had to submit my transcript twice, but i got it fixed and the admissions person said im still on the waitlist or something??? idk but yea thats that! all my materials are in and ig i gotta wit till december!

hi guys! I applied for fashion design and I completed it earlier this month. I got rejected from fall 2019 so I’m applying again and hope I get in this time!! does anyone know if more or less people apply in the spring?

less people apply in the spring they say so it’s less competitive but there’s less seats available so there’s that.

Do you guys know how to check the COA?

yeah luckily i’m instate but i would still like to dorm

I finally submitted my portfolio saturday. so i’m officially done with my application. does anybody know how to see their application status once everything is submitted?

when FIT recieved all your require documents, they’ll send you an confirmation email.

i don’t think i received that yet and i sent in every like a month ago. i might call them