Fitness, Nutrition and Health- All Welcome (Hardcore and “Light”)

Tuesday was a killer soccer day–it was parents vs kids so I got in a hour of running took a dinner break and then played 90 minutes. It ended being a 14K step day


The gym was busy yesterday (Saturday) with about 15 people, that’s getting close to the maximum I’m comfortable with. One of the members had some buddies come workout with him at our gym. Hopefully, it’s one time only.

Yesterday, the strength and skill session were deadlifts and muscle-ups. The HIIT was a cool combo of rowing, running, rope climbs, pull-ups and farmer’s carries. Took me about 35 minutes.

I was planning a rest day today, but my spouse has the spring cleaning bug, so I exited the house and ran 8 miles on the treadmill, while watching the Atlanta-Philadelphia basketball game on my phone. I think I’ll compete in that October powerlifting meet and, if I don’t hurt myself, I’ll run the San Francisco half on Super Bowl Sunday.

I hadn’t run a longer distance in a while, so I’m happy that I still had a couple miles left in the tank.


Still doing my thing - an hour of indoor biking most days while the cicadas are here. Sometimes I walk outside, but no biking outdoors til they are gone. Lift small weights for a few minutes many days. Also doing the rower and/or the elliptical, but not much time on elliptical.


Mostly doing my thing. Had a good week of workouts including a fast run yesterday. But this weekend/today my household is dealing with an abscessed tooth, fungal infections, ants, an achy AT, and just now a cat barfed on the carpet. It seems that everything hits at once, and the humid 90s making my body swell up like a fat bloated pig ain’t helping either the mood either. Just gritting my teeth until tomorrow. I have a lot of phone calls to make at 8am.

I also became lazy at posting here but not lazy in my daily exercise routine!

Continue to walk 3-5 miles daily, run 3x a week for about 3 miles each outing, indoor cycling if it’s raining and once a week strength training now that I’m outside more - which I know I should increase! Also this time of year I am doing yardwork several days a week between our home, our neighbor’s yard I keep decent, my mom’s and my community garden!

Moved daughter late last week from 3rd floor apt to another 3rd floor apartment. Tallied 101 flights of stairs on the first day of moving!

Trying not to complain about the heat as I still remember winter. :slight_smile: But the humidity is not my friend!


Good exercise weekend.
Saturday was the last day of coaching and then we walked to dinner.
Yesterday I played 75 minutes of pickup and walked to the subway to go downtown for the 1st time in months.

The bummer of the weekend is that my cool England hike scheduled for August has been pushed back until 2022. My wife and I have a Plan B in mind that involves 3 different hikes in New England.


Alrighty then. I signed up and spent the money on the SF Half Marathon. It better be warm in February. :cold_face:


Did 6000m in a little over 31 minutes on the rower. Probably the longest I’ve gone to date, other than when I rowed the Nepali coast of Hawaii. (Great fun).
Also walked with a friend for about 4.3 miles, and I’ve done more weights than normal today.


Was anyone watching the Denmark and Finland UEFA soccer match? A Danish player named Erickson (sp?) just collapsed on the field and I’m not sure he’s still alive. That’s TBD I think.

They announced that he has been stabilized and at the hospital now. Phew!


Very scary!


I ran once this week and a took short/flat hike (stunning mountain scenery) and did LOTS of gardening/yardwork. That is all :grinning:

I did 28 cicada free miles on my indoor bike. I also did some weights and other exercises today.


I was advised to not watch the video of it. Glad he’s OK.

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Younger S was watching it live. H and I went to a city 1:45 away to get out of dodge. We wound up at an art museum. Not typical of us, but different. I am glad the player is alive. Something similar happened to one of the kids’ friends during a soccer match. He was very lucky two parents were doctors who ran over and did CPR until the paramedics came. And even luckier that the paramedics happened to be on a dinner break just a few minutes away. So scary.

As for me. I did day 68 of 80 day obsession (booty day). That is the end of week 3 phase 3. One more week in phase 3 and then peak week.


Saw the Christian Eriksen incident live. I was relieved to hear he was OK. There was also pretty gruesome head to head collision on the Belgium-Russia game .

Exercise-wise the last 3 days have been pretty bad.

I got a bunch of steps on soccer field today and it was the first meaningful exercise since Wednesday

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Today was the first time I’ve snatched in a while. Maybe 6 weeks. I’ve been on a powerlifting cycle (squat, bench, deadlift), in addition to my regularly scheduled programming, and have omitted the snatch. I obviously stayed light and didn’t try to do too much in terms of volume.

I then deadlifted to a heavy 5-rep max for day. The HIIT took me 29:42 and consisted of light squats, air bike, rope climbs and toes to bar. My time included a scheduled 5 min break. Time was about average for the “class.”