Fitness, Nutrition and Health- All Welcome (Hardcore and “Light”)

Maybe we can list our favorite YouTube Channels and then you can browse them, watch a few mins here and there and see what you like…

These are three of my favs


I like Fitness Blender for strength routines.

Google “Yoga With Adriene” she has tons of videos on YouTube.


Glasgow day 2–Glasgow Cathedral, Peoples Palace (museum about life in Glasgow) and Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre (super cool google it). Ended day by seeing one of favorite musicians (Bob Mould) at small club. Final step count for day including bouncing up at show is north of 19k. Fitbit also gave me active minutes for the show.

Picture is of the cathedral.


I think we were talking about someone playing pickleball with some NFL players sometime recently.
Today I was playing pickleball, in suburban Maryland, and I heard a guy say something similar to “you know Kenny - he was a Maryland (important football stuff) and he plays for the (team name I can’t remember - maybe the Saints or the Titans?) about a guy who was playing there. I believe he was an African American guy, and I believe I told him he dropped his sunglasses, but I have no idea who he is). We were the “baby group” playing off in a corner, but there were 5 groups of 4 playing “together.”


I like free Fitness Blender videos. My go choices are Tank Top Arms (9 min) and a lower body stretch (17 min). Use the Filters (for duration, type, difficulty etc) to find something you like.

For the simpler videos, after once or twice through you could opt to do what I do - turn off the volume and watch Netflix. I’ve done this using different devices (one or youtube, one for Netflix) and with split screen. (I’ve used with ipad or chromebook - have not tried this on the TV. If I were to do exercise in family room, I’d do youtube on workstation or phone…. something fun on the big screen).


Today’s step count is just over 10k. We took bus(stupid rail strike) from Glasgow to Carlisle. We visited Carlisle Castle and a cool museum with a bunch of Roman era artifacts.

The castle dates back to 1070ish. Photo is of castle gate. Tomorrow we tour Carlisle Cathedral and then head to the village where we start our hike.


Jim, lovely pictures, believe it or not I have never been to these places, they definitely are places I like to visit in the future.

This is Carlisle Cathedral. It was built 900 years ago (lots of rebuilding since). We are now waiting for our train to head south to where we start hking.


That stone!!!

2.5 mile run this morning followed by 1.5 mile pup walk. He books it on our walks. :slight_smile: We will be taking care of our grandpup, a goldendoodle starting tonight till next Saturday so I’m going to have to alter my morning exercise routine and be satisfied with LOTS of dog walking. My morning schedule before work is pretty tight and the two dogs is just going to take more time!


Thanks for the photos. Travel like that is my kind of exercise!

@abasket - Sometime you do have to change up the routine in exchange for other fun. Enjoy the grandpup babysitting gig!


A bunch of photos from hiking day 0. The church is St Bees Priory (established in 1120). Other photos show:
St Bees Head which we walk up tomorrow
My wife and i at the signboard that marks the official start of the walk
Getting our feet wet in the Irish sea (will replicate that in 17 days in the North Sea)
Picking out the pebble to carry in our pack to throw in the North Sea (hint actual pebble is a little smaller).

Still have to walk to dinner and step count iscat 14k


Well look at you good looking guys! It’s so awesome! Enjoy the next few weeks!


And my run was not near as scenic as @jmnva06 as mine was primarily on a road behind a gas station and in front of warehouses in the dark, lol. My wednesday workout was great! Thursday, I was dead. Today was better than yesterday, but still pretty pooped. Day 5 video was Legs. It’s hard doing lunges when you have super long gangly legs. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. But I got it done.


Lifting rocks mean you’ll get weights in!


Lifting beer counts for weight too - lol


I did 45 minutes of swimming while my husband was washing his car. It’s a form of exercise for him. He encourages our kids to do the same thing and they do wash their cars.


That’s a great idea! Maybe you can expand this to housework as a form of exercise (it is). I would try it if my kids were still living at home.

Well, after all , your name is fallgirl. You lived up to it! Hope you are ok!!!


I wasn’t thinking of that at the time I created my screen name, but I average a bad fall about once every two years, so…I am fine and 4 weeks later I only have a small red mark on my nose that mostly looks like a had a bit too much sun. I can cover it with makeup, but mostly don’t even bother.

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Coast to Coast day 1: North of 18 miles, North of 42K in steps and fitbit says more than 325 flights of stairs.

Today was sort of 4 different walks.
Part 1 was along St Bees Head where we saw amazing waves and seabirds. Part 2 was a fairly gentle stroll over rolling hills, Part 3 was going up Dent Hill and down the Nannycatch valley. The descent was among the steepest descents I’ve done. Part 4 was a shortish walk along country lanes.