Fitness, Nutrition and Health- All Welcome (Hardcore and “Light”)

We finished up the biking part of our trip yesterday. Despite early rain predictions, every day was warm and sunny where we were biking.
As our “finale” ride we did 37 easy miles on a beautiful bike path to the city of Merano, Italy.
Unfortunately, one woman on our trip wound up in the hospital, because something happened (maybe she hit a curb, but I’m not sure) and she somehow injured herself with her e-bike handle (I think) such that she was bleeding a LOT and wound up needing something like 48 stitches (but it’s more complicated than that). She’s with a group of 4, and they are trying to figure out what to do from here. They had plans to do a post-trip sponsored by the tour company, but she hasn’t been released from the hospital. I feel so bad for them. Another lady also had an issue yesterday, but hers is much more “normal/easily dealt with.” Tour guide had a rough day with a trip to hospital AND a trip to doctor/pharmacy.

Oh my gosh that sounds awful! Scary.

That finale ride sounds lovely though - you had to be thinking, "gosh, I am riding a bike in the beautiful roads of ITALY!!!


Wow! I’m glad you weren’t one of those two! And very glad the weather gods cooperated!


So glad to hear the weather held out. That injury sounds awful (and probably scary to witness).

Over here I’m still doing my usual. My knees are feeling a little creaky in the last few weeks. That’s usually my signal it is time to order new sneakers.


This is my current viewpoint. I’ve been a bit down lately. Not exactly sure why. But then my coworker (of over 25 years) with Leukemia died yesterday. Our office is heartbroken. 50s is much too young. And while logically I know it’s a different variety than H’s, it still wigs me out a little, especially since they grew up together.

So I decided to use my birthday holiday today. The weather is perfect. Highs in the mid 70s and low humidity. Came to my favorite park about 75-80 min away. It’s so peaceful up here. Some people, but not near as crowded as the weekends. It does my heart good. And yes, I still did my workout - ran 3 miles, 30 min stairmonster intervals, 30 min bike intervals and a shoulder workout.

I also hold it on the way up. 1.3 miles and 600 feet up in 26 min. I’m much slower on the way down. Sediment covered slippery rocks scare me going down.

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I’m sorry about your coworker and your general down mood. I’m in the same malaise. What a lovely view you have there.

In good news, I played 90 minutes of pickleball this morning, and I think my play has improved. I borrowed a better paddle from another player. Not sure whether that made a difference, but, if so, I need a new, fancy racket!


Sorry about your co-worker, ClassicMom98.

Those type of close-to-home events are both sad and a reminder that, for all of us, time is limited and chances to explore/experience life will not last forever…


What a gorgeous spot and good reason to take a day for you. So sorry about your workmate .

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Love the view. So sorry about your co-worker.

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Pretty photos! Glad you had the nice outing. Hope you are feeling a bit better now.

oops… that was meant for ClassicMom98


Doing much better. As I suspected, simply coaching gets me reasonably close to my step counts and/or my active minutes.

I’m also doing better on the food side too so things are good.


I’ve been loving the treadmill, using it three-four times a week. My VO2max is at an all-time high, at least since I started paying attention to it about a month ago. And clearly the little bit of running I’m doing on it is helping move the scale. Will I once again become a runner at 60 when my last marathon was at 36? :woman_shrugging:t4:


That’s great! Is VO2max measurement part of your fitness/coaching program?

No, it’s part of the Apple Health app dh put on my phone. There’s all kinds of fun data on there. I don’t care for apps generally, but this one has proved to be useful/interesting.

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Our trip home from Italy was an ordeal, involving an unplanned overnight in Germany, and a serious medical emergency on our eventual flight from Frankfurt to Dulles, but we made it, and we are retired, so it wasn’t nearly as stressful as it would have been a couple of years ago.

@ClassicMom98, happy birthday(ish) and I hope you’re feeling better.

We got home last night. I did a 2 hour pickleball drills session this morning. I also walked 4.6 miles with a friend, so plenty of exercise today.


Yesterday H had his final hip replacement appointment. We were in/out < 10 minutes. Everything great. Doctor/patient very happy. Afterwards, we went for a walk on a new to us trail near the office. Since the weather seems to have broken in the last week, we have been aiming to walk more. I had run on this trail during a race ~ 20 years ago. (That stat floors me BTW) It’s a rail trail, so flat and very shaded and pretty. Only 2 miles, but that’s more than we’ve done in a long while. And last night, we did the shorter version of our neighborhood loop - another 1.5 miles. He felt fine, except from being sore from his lifting. He started squatting/deadlifting over the weekend - he was just doing leg presses before as a step-up.

I decided to repeat the program I was on before. I’m on week 3, and now I’m ready to start something new (after these 8 weeks). Not sure what that will be exactly. I have a couple of ideas.

And now I am putting on my mean hat, so I apologize in advance… A (male, early 40s) co-worker was talking about getting into shape doing push-ups. He could only do 10 yesterday. Note that he is probably in the 3rd best shape in my office… I had half a mind to tell him I can do 10-20 clapping ones, and I’m a old lady… I wouldn’t be mean, but he is VERY big every morning ragging on all the professional athletes and how terrible they are and he could do better. uh huh. I bet they can all do more than 10 push-ups…


Really glad the husband’s appt. went well, and all is good with the hip.

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Go for it. Show him what you got! :muscle:

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You should tell him that Senator Lindsey Graham of SC did 35 push-ups for Hershel Walker’s campaign. And he’s old(er). Heck, Robert Kennedy Jr., who’s 69 years old, did 10 push-ups, IIRC posted on some Twitter account. What is this male fascincation with push-ups? :rofl:

Gotta be ego or something. The funny thing, it’s not that first set that’s difficult, it’s the next 5-10-20 sets, where complete failure eventually arrives.

Last Friday, I hit a 10-miler, thus I think I’m fairly good-to-go for the upcoming half. But, the air quality is bad right now, I just noticed tonight. I guess fires near the OR border is being blown down here to the SF Bay Area. So, if the AQ Index is 160 or something, like today, then I’m out.

The gym finally hooked up the regular treadmills, which is nice. I was getting tired of the curved manual treadmill. I think the tread was skipping or something. Needs maintenance. The owner is coming back into town on Thursday, so I may finally get my rope climb back. I hope!

Otherwise, doing all my normal stuff. My last Murph was 8/20, so It’s been about a month, but my shoulder feels much better. As a part of my workout today I had a shoulder-heavy combo of heavy power cleans and pull-ups. I got 60 pull-ups and the body is feeling almost normal again.

BTW, I plan to do more Murph’s, just letting my body recover from the 12+ that I did over the summer.


Been rained out of tennis for almost two weeks (just happened to rain on the two days each week when I’m scheduled to play) - but finally got to play this morning.

Been cycling a fair amount, getting in 15-20 mile rides a couple of times a week.

And, always…still walking, hitting my 10k steps daily. I started this in earnest in February and my 12 month daily average is now nearing 8k. My goal is to get it to 10k by the end of this calendar year (so, in 10 months), so I’ve been aiming for closer to 14 or 15k most days to compensate.