FIU or UM?

<p>Hi everyone. I'm a student that is graduating from Miami Dade College. I have been accepted to both FIU and UM as a transfer, and have a very short amount of time to choose where I will be attending. Most of the people I have talked to state the obvious choice (UM), but none of them have gone there, and are most likely thinking about football, and/or school of medicine reputation. No one mentions the financial point of it, my biggest issue. I will most likely be close to fully covered at FIU, but feel that I will be letting myself fall short if I attend there simply because I could not afford UM. Out of a possible 3600 transfer candidates for UM, 650 are chosen, and I fell into that statistc. On the FIU statistic, I have been offered admission into the Honors program.</p>

<p>Any ideas, feedback, or opinions?</p>

<p>don't be scared of UM, what does your FinAid package looks like?</p>

Hey I was wondering what did you end up picking because I’m in this same position right now.