Hi, Im Angel a high school senior from New Jersey, I applied to both FIU && FAU and got into both. I havent visited either campus but I plan on doing so at both. I was just wondering like pros and cons of each. which one is better academically, whats the night life like at both, diversity, class sizes, greek life, things to do for fun on and off campus, and housing because I plan to live on campus. ( i know its a lot of questions) Sports (like football) are also important to me, I want a school with a great sense of school spirit (even if they dont win a lot) These are my top 2 schools and Im not sure which I like better and I feel like a honest student perspective would really help me and coming to a decision.

I visited fiu this past year and the campus was ok but old and the neighborhood it’s isn’t that great

what other schools did you apply to/visit && whats you major

I am currently in the same dilemma:-/