Five Items

<p>If you could only take five items to college besides clothing, what would they be?</p>

<p>iPod, Cell Phone, Camera, Laptop, TV.</p>

<p>Is it sad I only have about three things I'd have to take?</p>

<p>Laptop, Wii, a motorcycle :P , my Japanese books, and my phone.</p>

<p>A survival kit (food, fire, tarp, how to book, knife, and all that stuff in it), phone with an internet browser, my bed (I hope bedding and pillows are included).</p>

<p>That's all I can think of for now.</p>

<p>ipod, Laptop, All 7 Harry Potter Books, Guitar, Cell Phone</p>

<p>Bedding, books, laptop, ipod, and...not sure what the fifth would be, so I'll say money to buy everything else that I couldn't bring.</p>

<p>Computer, PS2, cell phone, hot water pitcher, shower shoes</p>

<p>You'd need a TV to use that PS2 ;)</p>

<p>cellphone, laptop, ipod, shower shoes, camera</p>