Flagged ACT?

<p>What happens if your retake is flagged?</p>

<p>Why would it be flagged? Do you have a disability?</p>

<p>It could be flagged if there's a significant score increase that could raise questions about cheating. Ask Mrs. Ferguson or wait for her to reply here, she'll know the answer.</p>

<p>Concerns about cheating may arise from a letter from a college official who thinks your scores are out of line with other information on your record, or from ACT identifying a large score increase that can't be explained by other information they have. If this happens, you will get a letter asking you to explain your score increase or retest to confirm your scores. If you can't explain the increase to their satisfaction, they will give you the opportunity to retest for free in a private, controlled setting. If your retest score is within some number of points of the suspect score (it can still be lower, as long as it's close), you get to keep both scores. If not, they cancel the suspect score. This means they send a letter to whoever got the score--high school and colleges--saying the score is cancelled. They don't tell anyone why (except you), and there are a number of other, "innocent" reasons scores may be cancelled, so this won't make you look bad. You do get to keep your other scores, including the special private retest score.</p>

<p>Oh, I forgot, if they do cancel your score, you can challenge it through binding arbitration.</p>

<p>Or you can sue the crap out of them...it always seems to work.</p>

<p>i am curious about the frquency of this. can you tell me how often this happens and also what you think i should or could do. act says someone near me had like answers. (i didnt cheat). i really dont want to take the test over. yes, my scores went up on the retake. i went to their study session. thanks.</p>

<p>In your situation, I would take the retake.</p>