Flagler College in Florida

Hello, my daughter is considering Flagler. We live in New Jersey but she wants to go so warm. My questions are:

  1. Do you know anyone who goes here and do they like it?
  2. Is the school’s financial aid office easy to deal with?
  3. Is housing and food good ?
  4. Is this school academically challenging?
    Thank you.

Flagler compares in several respects to Rollins, Stetson and Eckerd. I’d think the more selective colleges from this group might be more academically challenging, so you may want to compare them all for the most appropriate fit.

Flagler is a lot cheaper than other private schools (especially Rollins), and I think the FA is generous. I love St. Augustine. It is much more a tourist town but is very ‘small town.’ I love Winter Park too (Rollins) but it is more the ‘college town’ and, IMO, more sophisticated than St. Augustine. I agree that it is not as academically well known or challenging as Eckerd but is comparable to Stetson.

One thing that is nice about Winter Park is that there is an Amtrak station and many cheap flights from Orlando to NJ.

Based on my meal in the dining hall, the food is notably not good. It’s quite a contrast to be in what amounts to a palace – the single most luxurious room where I’ve ever seen college students eat – and eating food that’s well behind the 2019 college standard.

(Google image search the dining hall. It’s gorgeous.)

Flagler tends to be noted for the luxurious aspects of its campus in general:



Thank you everyone for your feedback. All of this is very helpful. I agree that Flagler is priced at a value to the student/parents. Maybe they need to charge a little bit more to upgrade the food!! I am still investigating, but I thought I read somewhere that student’s can use their Flagler Dining card at other locations, such as Dunkin Donuts and Chic Fil A, in St. Augustine town. My eldest daughter goes to University of Dayton and they have use of their Dining card outside of campus. She will not be applying to Rollins due to the cost, but it sounds like a good college. This is all very stressful because we really aren’t going to know for sure until the Fall, 2019, when she goes. However, she has a friend at Flagler who is a Junior and she is going for a weekend visit in March or April. Does anybody know of other sights where I can get honest reviews from students?
Thanks again,
Elizabeth from NJ

We attended Flagler’s open house last summer
Our food was very good, no issues whatsoever. We spoke to quite a few students regarding the food and no complaints. The campus is beautiful. Freshman girls stay in the Ponce de Leon hotel. The other dorm rooms are also spacious. We we’re extremely impressed by the school’s faculty and the President. The admission’s office is very helpful and responsive . My son was offered a generous scholarship and invited to apply for a selective one. Everyone has been extremely responsive. Great school. Very high on his list. We have no concerns about rigor of the school. My son is an Honors Student who ranks in the top 10% of his class with a 3.7 UWGPA and 4.5 WGPA.

Rollins and Flagler are actually tied for the #2 ranking for regional colleges in the South in USNWR, Stetson is ranked 10th.

My daughter is a sophomore at Flagler. They don’t give tons of aid but it isn’t necessary because the base price is so much lower than comparable colleges. They are growing and there are some systems that aren’t as refined as you would find at larger schools, i.e. the honors program is only in it’s 2nd (I think, maybe 3rd) year. My daughter is challenged but not overwhelmed. She’s double majoring and is happy with (most of) her classes, her professors, and her advising staff.

But, oh my goodness, the food is bad. Just awful. I actually wrote a letter after parents’ weekend, because if that was the good stuff for parents, that’s sad. I’ve visited a few other times and am not impressed at all. (However, her 2nd choice school was UMass Amherst, which has absolutely amazing food. They’re not even comparable.)

We went on a tour there a few months back and loved it. we love the town, the campus and I think the rooms are pretty much the same size as any other college dorm. The food WAS terrible, but they made mention that they would be renovating the kitchen area this summer. Hoping for better food with the better kitchen. :slight_smile: My daughter will be the class of 2020 and plans on attending a seminar there this summer that is being offered to highschool students. I think that will giver her a better idea of the town and campus.

Carolinamom, we are also from the Carolinas.