Flagler college now

<p>I have never heard of flagler until I found it on the internet. Some concerns were the dorm policies from not as recent threads. Is that still true? Does the college have a good business program. And what actually is Flagler college... it just sounds too good to be true. And also is flagler a religious college because I am jewish.</p>

<p>Also does flagler have parties... or is it a very very strict school. Reply current students, people who visited, past students, please I would appreciate. I live in New York and would want to know if its worth the visit.</p>

<p>I applied to Flagler for 2013, it seems to be one of the better schools in Florida and is cheap for a private school. There is no religous affiliation and no coed dorms. When I went to visit it was amazingly beautiful, its close to the beach and St. Augustine is a cool little town. The business program is one of their most popular.</p>

<p>Ok it sounds great, but the policy that doesn't even allow the opposite gender in your room, is that still true? And quick list of pros/ cons can you add?</p>

<p>Yes thats still true, which sucks. I think only a small percentage live on campus after freshman year, there are nice apartments and rental houses around. Pros: historic city, lots of restaurants and shops, beach, small class sizes,no football team( I like this), Jacksonville and Daytona are nearby( Big cities). Cons: dry campus, no girls/guys in each others rooms, parkings a b*tch, St. Augustine is a tourist town and they flock there in the winter.
I have heard it can be an expensive town if you blow all your money too fast.</p>

<p>Thank you for replying. I love that there is no football team, I never watch football at high school and was not planning to watch it at college. So does that mean that party life is more on the quiet side... And I don't mind really about the parties, won't personally affect me. Thanks Jaqi100 for the repsones they are really helpful.</p>

<p>Your welcome. I don't know about the parties but with no drinking they are probably off campus. I will be visiting again next week maybe I can find out more.</p>

<p>I'm currently a Junior at the school who just transferred in this semester. I live off campus, but I can tell you that the no opposite gender visitation policy still exists in the dorms. </p>

<p>Jaqi points out correctly that it's a dry campus, so pretty much all the partying goes on off campus. Cops in the area are pretty strict about breaking it up I hear, and the school itself has a one strike policy on drugs and alcohol. They do not tolerate it, and you're told that several times in orientation. I'm of legal drinking age, but I've heard of kids getting suspended for a semester for being given an underage drinking citation. They really don't screw around with this stuff.</p>

<p>The school does not claim any religious affiliation, but adopts a lot of policies that a religious school would (the dorm and alcohol stuff being two examples). There are a lot of people in my classes that come from smaller religious schools, and the Dean himself seems fairly religious. I don't think being Jewish would be a problem at all.</p>

<p>You won't get the typical big college experience here, but the teachers in my major (which isn't business) are great and you'll get a good education.</p>

<p>This colleges rules is kind of making me not want to go here. The lack of freedom and harsh rules makes college students not have their own rights... I kind of don't like that their pretty much tougher than my own parents. I really have to reconsider now.</p>