Flagler Fast App

<p>I just got something in the mail about this great opportunity. When I read I would be an automatic consideration for full tuition I got really excited! Should I apply? What are the odds I get in with full tuition? Thanks!</p>

<p>I applied ED using the fast app. that was sent to me over the summer, it was easy. I don’t think scholarship opportunities are greatly increased, Flagler does financial, not merit. I got in but theres been no mention of scholarships yet.</p>

<p>Has anyone who applied RD heard about an acceptance? I applied in November and am just wondering when we should hear back about both admittance and scholarships.</p>

<p>Yes, we heard back about a week ago (applied early November) and D was accepted. There wasn’t any scholarship info. They really don’t do scholarships it seems, but grants. So get that FAFSA in time. Also, if this is not your top school choice you must reply within 3 weeks to remain on accepted students list until May. </p>

<p>I need to do that letter today.</p>