Flight expenses

I just asked Albion College if they could cover my flight expenses. But they said no. Is there anything else I can do?

Kindly, it’s not clear what the flight is for. Are you flying to visit, move in, or what?

Can you take a bus or train?

It’s not common for schools to cover flight expenses. I am very familiar with Albion, and I definitely wouldn’t expect them to pay for flights. Once you fly in, you’ll need to get to the school … that will be an expensive Uber or cab. What is your plan for getting there from the airport? Sometimes schools have shuttle drivers for that sort of thing, but unless they’ve already offered that option, you would need to ask if that’s available.

There is an Amtrak stop in Albion, if you are on a route that goes through. Where are you coming from?

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I have heard of colleges covering “fly ins” when they are trying to recruit a particular student, usually an underprivileged one they especially want on campus. Once enrolled, students are on their own for off-campus and optional expenses. Once in a blue moon a super elite college will offer a stipend to an underprivileged kid to cover those sorts of expenses, but those are wealthy colleges with billion-dollar endowments. Albion is not in that monetary league.

Even international students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week on campus. If money is an issue, seek out one of those work-study jobs right away.

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If this is the only thing holding you back from starting school in the fall at Albion, if this is the only uncovered expense, is there any way that you could earn it over the summer? Is there any local foundation you could approach (fraternal lodges, religious organizations, ethnic/race organizations) for the money?

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If it is an issue that is keeping you from being able to get to school for the upcoming year, please reach out to the admissions office to discuss your situation. They brought you in, and they will want to make sure you can matriculate.

It is not typical for a college to cover a student’s cost of travel. Be sure you understand EXACTLY what ALL of the costs of attendance at Albion will be (ex. medical insurance, books, transportation and anything else) BEFORE you start.

@happy1, @Groundwork2022 is correct about elite, huge endowed schools providing transportation costs for low SES students. My daughters FA package included an amount that covered 2 RT plane tickets yearly.

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Are you asking if Albion will pay your flight to move there to start college…or what?

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