Flight Nurse?

<p>Please let me know (the cadets mom!) if anyone knows how the potential progression goes from academy grad to Registered Nurse. Flying is first desire, but there are rumors about that speak to increasing numbers of cadets washing out of pilot training where they wouldn't have in previous years (in order to meet quotas?) and then being put out of the USAFA altogether. SO, I am just wondering about other areas...</p>

<p>What I hear is that the AF is actually short on pilots at the moment, so I bet the washout rate isn't that high compared to the historical average. The AF, however, is also overmanned on the whole. That being said, I have no idea about the RN process.</p>

<p>it is possible. I think there are 6 slots (not sure on that number) every year. most grads go to vanderbilt but the af will send you to any 2 year program. if your cadets wants to know more, i'm sure someone in the bio department could point out someone who could help. you can major in anything as long as you also take the prereqs, so you have to talk to your aoca</p>