Florida Academic Scholars Award at Embry-Riddle

I’ve been accepted to Embry-Riddle, and am going over my financial aid opportunities to see how I can afford to go there.
I have the FAS level Bright Futures scholarship, and I know it has 100% tuition covered for state colleges, however I am unsure whether or not it is applicable to a private college such as Embry-Riddle. Anyone know?

They should pay the same amount to the private school, about $6500 IF the program is extended to full tuition for next year. If not extended, you’d get the $103 per credit. It will not cover tuition at a private school.

You should also get $3300 as FRAG.

@F6FHellcat you should receive a detailed breakdown from ERAU with this information shortly. I think it was a 2-3 weeks after acceptance that they sent the financial aid breakdown to my son. You will likely get some sort of scholarship from ERAU in addition to FAS and the FRAG that @twoinanddone mentioned. FAS for 2018-2019 is up in the air as was mentioned by @twoinanddone until the state legislature and governor decide to continue the 100% as they did for 2017-2018 or whether they revert back to the previous $103 per credit hour. The summary that we received from ERAU 1-2 months ago assumed that it was reverted to $103, but that has not been decided by our government. If you had the scores and grades to get FAS, I am sure that ERAU will provide some additional money. They use a sliding scale of SAT/ACT and grades to determine the amount.