Florida and Wake Forest

Hello! I posted another topic regarding chances into four other schools awhile ago. I recently decided to apply to University of Florida and Wake Forest, and I’m wondering how I stand as an applicant.

SATS: 660 math, 700, reading, 720 writing, 2080 total
GPA: 4.0 UW, 4.33 W and rising (lowest class average was a 96, all others 97 and above)
Rank: 1/236
AP courses: biology, world history, US history, chemistry, Spanish, government, economics, English, calculus (every AP course my school offers, have taken every honors course possible at my school)

-Student Council
-FBLA, state qualifier
-Varsity Tennis
-Science Olympiad, state medalist
-Junior Achievement
-Oboe and Alto Sax in concert band, wind ensemble, and marching band
-National Honors Society
-Prom Committee
-Active in class government
-Mock Trial team, regional semifinalist

Volunteer service
-church volunteer work
-tutoring middle schoolers in math

  • teach elementary school kids in my district
    -various activities through FBLA and student council
    -this summer- working with a vet and doing work with fish and game

I intend to major in biology.

Thank you!

Your in at both, considering your rank and GPA. Also your test scores are good, but you may want to get your critical reading and math up a bit, considering they are the most important sections that colleges review.

Chance back?


I think you’re in at UF. No one is a shoo-in at a college the quality and prestige of Wake Forest, but I still expect you to get in.

chance back