Florida Atlantic BS/MD Program - Med Direct

I applied to the BS/MD program at Florida Atlantic and I was wondering when they notify applicants about interviews and decisions. Have they already notified applicants? I know the deadline was much later than that of other schools (January 10th versus November 15th), but when do they have time to conduct interviews? I wasn’t able to find much information about decision notifications on their website.

I also applied to the BS/MD program at FAU and haven’t heard anything about interviews yet. I do know that by this time last year, they had already conducted an interview session. I think they might be able to give more information if we call, but the director of the BS/MD program isn’t picking up the phone.

We only can email them, a week ago my D got a email from medical school asking for the NMF letter which we sent it last week and they replied saying Thank you for sending.

I got invited to the March 9 interview, which is the first interview date! How competitive is this program? How many do they accept?

I also got an invite for the March 9th date, i believe they accept 12-14 students total. I’m not sure how many students attend each interview date.

Hi how was your interview? @ncstudent1027 @PathophysiologyFTW

how many people got accepted this year?