Florida Atlantic University vibes

What is it like at FAU? Do a lot of people go to the beach? What are the dorms like, do people leave their dorms open when they’re not there? Do a lot of students go to the sports events? Do a lot of people go to Miami on the weekends?

Typo: Doors open when they are there in their rooms

FAU is beautiful, and yes, we go to the beach a lot. The dorms are new and pretty clean compared to most colleges and pretty much everyone leaves their doors unlocked. EVERYONE goes to sporting events and the football games are awesome. Some do go to Miami but its not as often (personally).

Dorms are nice and new. Whether you leave your door open is up to you.

A lot of people go to the beach, yes. That is a huge draw for people attending this university.

Going to sports events is ebb and flow. If the teams are doing well, yes, people go. If not, people still tailgate often for football. But it’s not like 30,000 people at the game, more like 10,000.

Some people go to Miami. It can be an hour drive and depending on where you’re going/what you’re doing, it can be expensive. Honestly, downtown Delray (Atlantic Ave) tends to draw more people because its the town right next door and has a good walkable scene with bars and restaurants on the weekends.