Florida Bright Futures

<p>Does anyone know the deadline to meet the required SAT scores to qualify for the 100% tuition.</p>

<p>For example, as of right now I only have 75% tuition because I have 1210 SATs (I meet the 3.5W GPA requirement). Im planning on taking the March 10 SAT test in order to get 1270 as well as the next ACT to give it a try. But im wondering if there is like a cutoff date used to award the awards or something?</p>


<p>Anyone please?</p>

<p>The website says to "apply during his/her last year of high school." I know that it lists notification dates as between March and May. Here's the URL so that you can check out all the particulars yourself.</p>

<p><a href="https://www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org/SSFAD/pdf/BF.06-07.pdf%5B/url%5D"&gt;https://www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org/SSFAD/pdf/BF.06-07.pdf&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>You can use up to (and including) the June SAT.</p>

<p>I know this thread is REALLY old, but I have a question regarding the deadline of scores. I received the e-mail that I have 75% Bright Futures as of test dates up to January, but I know for sure that my February ACT score makes me qualified for 100% Bright Futures.</p>

<p>When contacting those in charge of Bright Futures, they said that they re-evaluate test scores (from test dates after January) at the end of the school year and send out letters beginning mid-August. This is VERY close to when school starts and just because they START sending out letters mid-August doesn't mean I'll actually get it exactly then.</p>

<p>If I do get it at the end of August or even September, do I just contact the university regarding the update? I'm sure this has happened to many people, and I just want to know what's the procedure with such a situation?</p>

<p>Oh and if this helps... I will be attending UF in the Fall and I know there is a way to change the "predicted" scholarship from 75% to 100%, but am I allowed to do that even if I will not receive the official letter from Bright Futures until some time in August?</p>

<p>This is what the website says...</p>

<p>"If you have received notification from the State of Florida that you qualify for state programs that are not listed under Award Details or are different from what we have predicted, select the Bright Futures, Prepaid, or other state program you have been awarded. Then click on "Submit State of Florida Programs.""</p>

<p>The "received notification" part is what makes me hesitant to do so. I'm just afraid that notifying them some time in August or even September may be too late, so I want to do it as soon as possible, preferably like now.</p>